Here and There (Image Vol 10, No 3 – May-June 1994)

By Matt Dabbs

By Denny Boultinghouse

Focus on the Family makes available some excellent booklets encouraging abstinence until marriage. Some of the titles of the booklets are: “Sex and Singles,” “How to Help Your Kids Say ‘No’ to Sex,” “Why Condoms Aren’t Safe,” “AIDS: Facts vs Fiction,” and “Quick Facts on ‘Safe Sex.'” These booklets are good resources and should be available through your church. The booklet “Quick Facts on ‘Safe Sex'” should be given to every teenager. Call Focus on the Family (800-232-6459) for samples of these booklets. I appreciate the Focus on the Family ministry…

True Love Waits is an excellent example of one program that tries in practical ways to encourage young people to wait until marriage to be sexually active The young people in a number of churches around the country have taken the pledge to remain virgins until marriage. Contact Focus on the Family for information about using this program at your church…

Quote without comment (Reuel Lemmons, form 1983): “If we think unity consists of conformity in worship patterns, methods of work, or even church organization, we are mistaken. We can’t find such patterns in the Bible or in the New Testament Church. Systematic theology and even unity of church doctrine are products of human tampering rather than divine revelation. Creedalizing procedures are not found in the New Testament. Our ardent champions of orthodoxy, overzealous to suppress heresy, would drive us further into sectarianism…In a world crying for bread, we must not give it a stone. It would do no good to encompass heaven and earth to make a proselyte to a sectarian position. Unless we can maintain the totally free and totally nonsectarian nature of the early church, we have little reason to exist at all. If we maintain if, we will have to learn to tolerate a lot of leeway in the way different groups of brethren to things. African churches will not buy some of our method. Chinese church are going to be Chinese. And some American churches are going to have to learn to live with other congregations with other ways of doing things and the constant clash of differences Brethren must learn to tolerate differences. If they can’t, the movement is on the brink of senility.”

ACU’s Bible Teachers’ Workshop will be July 24-27. Contact ACU for more information.

On August 5-7 the third “A Church that Connects” seminar will take place in San Antonio at the Oak Hills church. This year the theme will be “Biblical Theology of Worship for Today’s Church.” The main speakers include Lynn Anderson, Jeff Nelson, Max Lucado, Harold Shank, Randy Harris, Rubel Shelly, Jack Reese, and Mike Cope. It will be a time of praise and freedom of expression. For more information call the Hope Network at 1-800-238-0866.

The 1994 Nashville Jubilee will take place on July 6-9. Some of the speakers this year include Max Lucado, Lynn Anderson, Mike Cope, Ron Rose, Harold Hazlip, and Jerome Williams. This workshop is sponsored by many Christians in the Nashville area. The organizers, the speakers, and those who attend all respect God and his Word. They want to be used by God to help people grow in Christ. They want the church to be more effective in reaching the lost with the message of the Cross. Each speaker seeks to lift up the Christ so that people will be drawn unto him Come to Jubilee. Be sure to come by the IMAGE booth in the display area for a visit.

The Spiritual Growth Workshop in Orlando will be August 4-6. This workshop will have many speakers and classes to challenge you in your service – Billy Washington, Jim Bill McInteer, Bill Long, Prentice Meador Jr., Howard Norton, and Charles Hodge. This will be a great period of fellowship and challenge for the Christians throughout Florida and the Southeast. If you are going to Orlando this summer, consider going during this time. Contact the Concord Street church in Orlando for details.

In Defense of Girls Praying is the title of an intriguing little book authored by James Casey. Brother Casey still has some copies of that book available. Write him for information (904 Friars Lane, Baytown, TX 77521-3214)

“Don’t let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it might benefit those who listen” (Eph 4:29).


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