Here and There (Image Vol 10, No 5 – Sept/Oct 1994)

By Matt Dabbs

By Denny Boultinghouse

Restoration Forum Twelve will be held November 1-3 on the campus of Abilene Christian University. Speakers include Calvin Warpula, Alger Fitch, Bill Humble, James North, Chris Smith, Lynn Gardner, James Thompson, Charles Gresham, Jack Reese, Charles McNeely, Dean Smith, Beauford Bryant, Rubel Shelly, and Ronnie Norman. Having attended ten of the forums, I am sometimes asked, “Do the forums really accomplish anything?” I guess it depends upon what your vision for the forum is. If you expect Christian Church attendants to run home and throw out their pianos, then you may be disappointed. But the forums do accomplish a h=number of good things. It is always good when brethren come together and openly discuss Scripture with other brethren. It is also good to develop genuine friendships with brethren. When you gain a greater understanding of the sincere convictions of brethren, that is also good. No doubt, the Christian Church folks better understand that we in the Churches of Christ are not all a bunch of legalists who want to restrict the freedom of everyone else. On the other side, many of us have learned that respect or the authority of Scripture is just as important to our brethren on the other side of the keyboard as it is to us. People on both sides of the keyboard have developed a greater appreciation for each other and surely that is worthwhile. If you can attend this forum on the A.C.U. campus, you are invited. No one is ever asked to compromise his or her convictions. Everyone is expected to treat one another as brothers and sisters. Call the Bible department for more information (915-674-3700)

Setting your Church Free (Regal Books) is the title of a new book by Neil Anderson and Charles Mylander. It is subtitled: A Biblical Plan to Help Your Church. While those in our fellowship will have some theological differences with the writers, this book is packed with much wisdom that will benefit our churches. It is not merely a book of programs; rather it offers a real plan for changing your church. According to the authors, the biblical starting point for transforming a church is to transform the leaders of that church into the kind of spiritual leaders God desires. The book also deals with some corporate matters necessary to maturing an entire church. If our leaders would just read chapter 5, which deals with servant leadership, most churches among us would be transformed. Memories can be enslaving or enabling, and chapter 9 contains much insight about how to deal with the power of memories in a local church. Many of our churches struggle with how to deal with past memories, so this chapter should prove especially useful. This book is packed with so many spiritual insights that it should become a standard resource book for elders and ministers.

Consistent Pro-Life. We all hears the news story this past summer about the murder of the doctor at the Pensacola abortion clinic. I’ve heard all the arguments attempting to justify the action, but they are totally unonvincing. Murder to wrong, and that should be clear to all. Doing wrong for a good reason does not make that wrong right. Believers who are pro-life must be consistently pro-life, and that demands respect for all life. Since all mankind is in the image of God, we are under moral obligation to respect every human being. The fact that that person may be doing something immoral does not mean that w should not treat them in a Christ-like manner. Christians must totally oppose all unchristian behavior, even when such behavior is in opposition to abortion. Not to do so invalidates any claim we make about standing for morality. All unchrist-like behavior hurts the credibility of our moral stand.

The Harding University Bible Lectureship will be October 24-27. Some of the speakers include Jim Bill McInteer, Prentice Meador, David Slater, Jimmy Adcox, Michael Lewis, Gary Ealy, G.P. Holt, and many others. For more information call Allan Isom (501-279-4660).

“And be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from law, but that which is through faith in Christ – the righteousness that comes from God and is by faith (Phi. 3:9).

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