This Home is Not for Sale (Jul-Aug 2002)

By Matt Dabbs

by Landon Saunders
July – August, 2002

I know a couple who once held down six jobs! The father in this family worked at one full-time job and two part-time jobs plus his responsibilities at home. The mother had three part-time jobs, plus her responsibilities at home.

It was not that they loved working eighteen hours a day. Like others, they had felt threatened by spiraling cost. So to help out, they both went to work full speed ahead.

Each passing day brought more petty arguments: “You don’t have time for me anymore!” And, “Do I have to start making an appointment with you when I want to talk about something?”

The children became more and more fearful and dependent, clinging and crying when either parent would leave the house.

Finally, they admitted the futility of their existence. He quit his part-time jobs and she quit two of hers, holding onto the one she really enjoyed.

They both became reacquainted with their children, and soon there was no more clinging and crying when they went out. They were no longer strangers to one another.

There is a lot less money coming in; a lot of sacrifices are being made. But I know of one sacrifice they decided not to make. They refused to destroy their home. And they were so glad they made that decision.

And, on the last day of your life you’ll be so glad you said, “This home is not for sale.”

You see, I know … because my own mother and father took their “home” off the market … just in time. And, on the last day of each of their lives we were all so happy … even in the midst of our tears.

Landon Saunders

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