Streetwalker (Image Vol 12 No 4 – July/Aug 1996)

By Matt Dabbs

By Victor Knowles
Joplin, Missouri

“The lady was a sinner.” For some, that’s an oxymoron. How can the two nouns describe the same person? But that’s what the book said: “The lady was a sinner.”

One day the lady heard through the grapevine that a prominent doctor was coming to the city. Mr. Simon – a leading citizen and top theologian to boot – was hosting a gala dinner party for the famous physician who was the grace their presence. How could the city be so lucky?

The lady would have given anything to meet the respected visitor. But in her guy, she knew she didn’t have even the slightest chance of being invited to the big bash. Others, leading citizens all, would receive impressive gilt-=edged invitations. But her?/ No way. Who would dream of inviting a…streetwalker? Unheard of. It would be look the White House inviting an X-rated porno star to dine with the First Family.

Day after day, however, the thought persisted. She could not get it out of her mind. How wonderful it would be if she could somehow manage to meet the notable guest. But how? Forge an invitation? Disguise herself as a servant? Feign illness at curbside? Finally she arrived at a simple but crude plan – she would “crash the gate.”

The eventful night came. Her mind made up, she hurried from her home to the other side of town – the good side of town, the respectable side. On impulse she turned into a shop that hadn’t yet closed, despite the lateness of the hour. It was the most expensive shop in town, but no matter.

“Can I help you?” The voice seemed to ooze from the oily face of the proprietor His pig-like eyes feasted on her shapely form. She seemed not to notice.

“Yes. That alabaster box, please.”

“But, madam. Did you not see the price? Surely…”

The woman interrupted the show owner in a voice that was firm, determined. “The cost does not concern me. I must have it. How much do I owe you?”

The deal struck, the lady found herself in the street once again – the street that had been so good to her, the street that had allowed her to make such an expensive purchase on this night of nights.

She hurried on, oblivious to the leers of lustful men, not even hearing their crude comments as she passed by. Even a mother’s disapproving clucks to her children did not deter the woman. She was on a mission.

But as she drew near the well-lit mansion where sounds of music and merriment could already be heard, she step faltered. She halted at the corner of the street. Light form an ope, second-story window, fell on her beautiful but troubled features. Her heart raced.

“What am I thinking of?” she said to herself. “Can I believe he would really want to have anything to do with me?”

The fear of being rejected was so great that she turned to leave. But then, like the note of a lark heard for but a moment, a thought came to her. “What have I got to lose? I’ve lost virtually everything else in life!” Emboldened by the sudden thought, she hurried across the street, passed through the open gate, crossed the empty courtyard, ascended the grand staircase, and paused in the arched doorway.

Immediately she saw him. Immediately they saw her. Their faces said it all. Surprise. Shock. Disapproval. Distaste. Disgust.

Undeterred, she went straight to the guest of honor. His eyes followed her all the way. Down the steps. To his table. And in his eyes there was neither lust nor disgust – only understanding, sympathy and love. And the love she saw in his eyes was not what passed for love in that day. This was pure, sweet, love – a love she had never known before. Never, ever.

Before she lost her nerve, the lady dropped to her knees and opened the mysterious alabaster box. Sweet perfume filled the night air. With something akin to reverence, she unloosed the man’s sandals. She had undressed me before…but never this way. Thinking of those countless nights of sordid shame, she began to weep – at first silently, then convulsively.

Her tears fell from her bowed head upon the bare feet of the stranger. He still had not made a move or spoken a word. Tenderly she wiped his feet dry with her long, dark hair. For a moment she laid her head on his feet, then kissed them.. You could have heard a pin drop. Finally, she anointed his feet with the costly perfume.

This final act was too much for Mr. Simon. He knew who this woman was. Oh, how he knew! Didn’t everyone here – all his “distinguished” guests – know who she was? After all, “men will be men.” He thought to himself, “This guy can’t be so great. Srely he knows what kind of woman this is! We sure do!”

And about that time a strange thing happened in the house of Simon. The guest of honor looked up, and his eyes seemed to cut to the core of Simon’s soul. IT was a though he had read the very thoughts of his host. He began to speak to him…and when he did, everyone in the room, even the statue-like waiters, listened. I mean, no one had ever talked to their boss like this! The ears of Mr. Simon began to burn as the guest rebuked his abominable thoughts. This was unheard of!

Then, even more unheard or, he spoke to the streetwalker. At last. Finally.

“Your sins are forgiven.”

What was this! Sins forgiven? Who could forgive sins but…but God!

Forgiven! The word that shocked the crowd thrilled the woman through and through. A feeling flooded her soul that she had never known before. A beautiful smile slowly spread across her tear-stained face. The mascara was nearly gone. Holiness was left in its place. Her skin glowed like it hadn’t in years – with the freshness of grace.

She rose to go. He smiled at her. A smile that was so…so…holy!

Again he spoke. Words sweeter than honey. “Your faith has saved you. Go in peace.”

Salvation! Peace! Things the woman had never experienced in all her life. And how they filled her heart – wave after wave. It passed all understanding. She turned and left the room with a light step. She paused in the arched doorway and looked over her shoulder. His eyes were still on her. He smiled at her and nodded. She stepped out into the night. But it was now day.

For the sinner was a lady.

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