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Vol. 2, No 6 – March 15, 1986

Vol 2, No 11 – June 1, 1986

Vol 2, No 12 – June 15, 1986

Vol 2, No 15 – Aug 1, 1986

Vol 4, No 4 – April 1988

Vol 4, No 5 – May 1988

Vol 4, No 6 – June 1988

Vol 4, No 7 – July 1988

Vol 8, No 4 – July-Aug 1992

Vol 9, No 1 – Jan-Feb 1993

Vol 9, No 6 – Nov-Dec 1993

Vol 10, No 2 – Mar-Apr 1994

Vol 10, No 3 – May-Jun 1994

Vol 10, No 5 – Sep-Oct 1994

Vol 10, No 6 – Nov-Dec 1994

Vol 12, No 1 – Jan-Feb 1996

Vol 12, No 4 – Jul-Aug 1996

Vol 12, No 6 – Nov-Dec 1996

Full text articles

Vol. 9, No 1 (Jan/Feb 1993)

From the Editor’s Desk

That Which is Noble – Denny Boultinghouse


Evolution, Eccentrics and Evangelism – Joe Beam

Motives and Misnomers – Mike Root

Lesson at Gunpoint – Jerry Patton/as told to Latayne C. Scott

Faith of Our Children – Brad Dudley

The Greenhouse of Grace – Art McNeese

Men Reclaim their Families – Michael O’Donnell & Michelle Morris

It’s Time to Take Time – Chuck Swindoll

Suffering: Sources and Survival – Douglas McKnight

Misleading Signals – Bob Hendren

Thank God for Debates – Dennis Crawford

I Remember Charlie – Roger Chapman


Return Engagement – Jim Hackney

Leadership – Charles Hodge

Toward 2000 – Jeff Harris

Living Proof – Name Withheld

Here & There – Denny Boultinghouse

Vol 9, No. 6 (Nov/Dec 1993)


Real Joy: Package or Presence By Rick Atchley


Holding One Day as Better Than Another – Daniel Rouse

Worship in Transition (Part Two) – Jack R. Reese

There’s No Place Like Home (Part Two) – Michael A. O’Donnell

Regaining a Sense of Mission (Part One) – Marvin Bryant

The Gift They Never Forgot – Dee Travis

Innocence Lost – John W. Smith

A Look Back – Editors

“Help, My ________ is an Alcoholic!” – Matt Condon

“Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” – Name Withheld


Homefires: Faith in Families – Ron Rose

At the Well: The Gift of Praise – Jeanene Reese


Editorial – 100% Grace, Part Two – Denny Boultinghouse

Toward 2000 – Becoming a Visitor Friendly Church – Kevin Withem

Beyond Basics – Back to the Future: Transmitting our Heritage in Worship – Thomas H. Olbricht

Here & There

Vol 10, No. 2 (March-April 1994)


Calling All Dads – Dan Gill


Preparing for Tomorrow – John Wright

The Bottom Line of Fathering – Frank Martin

Violence – How Can We Escape it? – Billie Silvey

Reflective Openness – Al Maxey

My Hopes for Our Assemblies – Calvin Warpula

An Open Letter to Our Children – Gayle Crowe

The Greatest Enemy of Ministry – Brad Dudley


At the Well: A Father’s Eyes – Jeanene Reese

Homefires: Young Mothers Are Searching for Help – Ron Rose

Teen Note: Don’t Ever Give Up – Mike Myers


Editorial: The Power of God – Denny Boultinghouse

Living Proof: The Lengthening Shadow – Jerry Rushford

Toward 2000: On Lobsters and the Church of Christ – Mike Anglin

Book Review: Essays on Women in Earliest Christianity – Jim Whitfield

Here & There

Vol 10, No. 3 (May-June 1994)


Living Proof: The Treasure Beside Us – Jeff Harris


Pretect Our Most Valued Gift-Children – Ben B. Boothe

To Build a Fire – Gary Collier

A Small Heaven – Gene Shelburne

Keeping Our Focus – Charles Moore

I Have Decided Not to Decide – William Pile

The Letter – Matt Condon

Called to Faithfulness – Marvin Bryant

The Christian Divorce: Forgiveness and Letting Go – Joseph Warren Kniskern

Can God Be Trusted to Keep a Promise? – Larry James


Homefires: On the Road to Understanding, Remember Your Sense of Humor – Ron Rose

At the Well: The Walls that Surround Us – Jeanene Reese

Teen Note: Ecxu-u-use Me! – Mike Myers


Editorial: Distinct or Biblical? – Denny Boultinghouse

Book Reviews:
The De-Valuing of American
Postmodern Times
Navigating the Winds of Change

Toward 2000: Happy Days Ahead: Hard Times Assured – Terry Rush

Leadership: Shepherds or CEOs – James Bailey

Here & There

Vol. 10, No. 5 (September-October 1994)


Does God Speak Spanish? – Billie Silvey


Twice Rescued – Ray Thorne

Majors and Minors – Mark Claypool

Is the Body Raised? – William H. Smith

Seeking Solutions to Racial Problems – Frank Riley

A Crusade Gone Awry – Chris R. Bullard

A Multicultural Merge – Gilda Gunz

Does a Divorced Person Sin When He Marries Again? – Olan Hicks

The Case of the Unknown Exorcist – Calvin Warpula

Some Thoughts on Rebaptism – Jimmy Allen

Restoration Done Right – Mark Smith


At the Well: A Wise and Trusted Friend – Jeanene Reese

Homefires: What’s Marriage For, Anyway? – Ron Rose

Teen Note: Accepting Your Best Friend – Mike Myers


Editorial: Shining Stars of Encouragement – Denny Boultinghouse

Toward 2000: A Kingdom Dream for a 21st Century Church – Clois Fowler

Leadership: The Accountability of Elders-to God and to Others – Dub Orr

Here & There By Denny Boultinghouse

Vol. 12, No. 1 (January-February 1996)


A Few Good Men – C. Jefferson Hood


Looking at the Doorknob – Andre Resner, Jr.

What’s the Problem? – William H. Smith

“A Place for Me…” – Tom Alexander

Lost on a Technicality – Joel Stephen Williams & Joseph A. Walters

Promise Keepers – Brian Casey

Men Keeping Promises – Denny Boultinghouse

“Of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven” – Janie Calloway

Lord, How Have You Loved Us? – John Mark Hicks

The Vine, the Branches, and the Promise of Fruit – Russ Dudrey

The Biblical Foundations of Fasting – Michael B. Monroe

Fasting – Exercise for the Soul – Charles Hodge


At the Well: Finding the Path of Grace – Jeanene Reese


Editorial: Dear Brother – Denny Boultinghouse

Toward 2000: I Dream of a Church… – Tim Davis

Here & There

Vol. 12, No. 4 (July-August 1996)


Urban Churches Beckon – Billie Silvey


What Kind of Joy is This? – Phillip Brooks

Working Upriver – Joe Beam

“I Saw Jesus” – Randy Clay

Regaining Lost Ground – Carson Reed

Streetwalker – Victor Knowles

“If You Love Me, Come Away!” (Part Two) – Gary D. Collier

A Christian Response to Violence – Buck Griffith

Change – Jack Exum

Kids’ Coloring Contest

A Gent for Change – Mike Root

The Power of Healing – Phillip Eichman

Reflections on The Core Gospel – Bobby Valentine

Idolatry and the Gospel Today – C. Philip Slate


Editorial: Sinners in the Church? – Denny Boultinghouse

Toward 2000: Worship and the Future – Jay Lockhart

Leadership: An Elder’s Prayer – James Casey

Here & There

Vol .12, No. 6 (November – December 1996)


Thank you Kids!


Unity – J.D. Thomas

A Good & Perfect Gift – David and Melony Slater

Touches of What Church Ought to Be – Ron Rose

Home for Christmas – John Jennings

Does Prayer Make a Difference? – Art McNeese

Dear Elders… – A “Timothy”

Praying Outside the Lines – Prentice A. Meador

Six Roles for Godly Grandparents – Joe McKissick

Purpose Heart Christians – Steve Ginn

Three Prayers I Pray – Dan Anders

Proclaimers of Rigid Righteousness – Jim McGuiggan

“To What is This Woman Called?” – Dale Pauls


Editorial: To Change or Not to Change – Denny Boultinghouse

Leadership: See You at the Bottom! – Mike Root

Here & There

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