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February 3, 2014

A 1993 Note From Andre Resner (Dec 2002)

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by Andre Resner, author of “Christmas at Matthew’s House”

It was unfortunate that this short piece, “Christmas at Matthew’s House” was interpreted by some in ways which depart far beyond my own intentions. The article was written in a particular style with young adults in mind. It was not intended to be a traditional approach to the text, but was intended to provoke a younger audience to realize that God can work through all circumstances to achieve his purposes, even those circumstances which on the surface do not look good, or could be seen as highly unusual.

The style in which I chose to communicate this message draws on Matthew’s text in a story-telling manner commonly appreciated and quite familiar in our culture. It was not intended to be seen as an attack on the doctrine of the virgin birth or the inspiration and authority of Scripture. I am aware that many do not like this particular style of writing; some are even of the opinion that it is an inappropriate medium for the subject matter of the Bible. Insofar as literature is like art, it might be said that one who appreciates the beauty of one style of painting would be put off by the rendering of the same subject matter through the hand of an artist of a quite different style.

For those to whom this style created discomfort, let me emphasize that I do believe very deeply in the divinity and virgin birth of Jesus-in his death, burial, and resurrection and in the inspiration and authority of the Scriptures. To claim that I do not because of what is seen in “Christmas at Matthew’s House” is to look for oranges in the apple bin. I wrote the article because of my deep love for the Lord and his church, not to show a disrespect for either. I regret that the article left a wrong impression concerning these important matters for some.

Andre Resner

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