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December 9, 2013

An Extraordinary Woman (Apr 2012)

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By Sara Fudge

This gracEmail is written by my wife, Sara Faye Locke Fudge, about my mother, Sybil Belle Short Fudge Dewhirst. Now in her eighty-ninth year, Mom continues both to do good and to do well. Sara Faye’s remarks here come from her Foreword to Mother’s memoirs, titled Fourscore Years and Counting: My Life in Seven Chapters (AuthorHouse, 600 pages, 26 photographs, 2012, $26.95, eBook $9.99). ~ Edward Fudge<

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One of the remarkable women listed in Jesus’ genealogy was the Moabite woman named Ruth, the great-grandmother of King David. I’ve been thinking a lot about her lately as I have read the manuscript of the autobiography of my mother-in-law. In some ways I feel a kinship with Ruth as never before. She was drawn to a godly man whom she grew to love, and she was welcomed into a family with strange speech, different customs and a table full of “strangers.”

My relationship with Sybil Fudge’s oldest son Edward brought us together and I was graciously received and welcomed but marveled at this woman so different from my own mother. Her speech was marked by a decidedly British-sounding flair. She was quiet and reserved, hospitable though not fancy, and busy with a bustling, big family and ever-present friends and neighbors of her six children, even while working full time at the family bookstore in town. I marveled at her efficiency though often feeling intimidated by her wisdom and infinite patience.

For over forty-four years filled with births and deaths and changes, the cords of love have knit us together, her faithful love and support have encouraged me and her godly life has inspired a closer walk with God. But reading this story of her life has opened new vistas in truly understanding and appreciating the multi-faceted jewel she is.

From those early days in Africa emerges the picture of a feisty, curious yet obedient girl who learned the art of homemaking, with lessons in sewing and cooking and entertaining even in the primitive conditions of unsettled Northern Rhodesia. From British boarding school to sailing to America for college education, she developed the grit and coping skills she would use all her life, adjusting to new and different environments.

The adventures in mothering six children and running a household on a shoestring budget, the resourcefulness and resilience in business dealings provide insight into the strong and spunky woman she was. Embracing changes and venturing out into new worlds, always carrying her values and principles =96 this was the widow who would not be bitter or self-pitying, the woman who returned to Africa to care for aging parents, who moved to California and learned to sail, and to an Ohio farm with a second husband who taught her to fish and to use a power saw.This is the life story of a remarkable woman, whose life fits the profile of the Proverbs 31 worthy woman. It is a sweeping saga which will entertain, inform, amuse, and inspire you. The transformation of this little child of missionaries into the accomplished, active, artistic woman whose life has blessed so many will be a joy to read and an eye-opening experience to all who see her only as a paragon of godly virtue. For more details, click here. To order, go to AuthorHouse bookstore here

Copyright 2012 by Edward Fudge. You are urged to reproduce, reprint or forward this gracEmail, but only in its entirety, without change and without financial profit.

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