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January 20, 2014

And Find Thirty Minutes to Read My Bible (Jan – Feb 1994)

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by Eddie Sharp
January – February, 1994

23Every year the Abilene Christian University Bible Teachers Workshop uses rooms in the University Church of Christ building. We get a chance to see and hear interesting things as our brothers and sisters bustle around in our building. In 1990 while I was walking down the hall I overheard the following comment as one man was talking to another: “Well, back home our preacher has been preaching on the new hermeneutic, but what I’m trying to do is stop cussing and find 30 minutes a day to read my Bible.” I smiled. I sighed.

I think that the feelings of many people were voiced in the hall that day:

“The preacher’s off on another one of the tangents that get his juices pumping. While he’s in his office reading the latest dispatch from the Journal of What You Oughta Think Now, I am slipping away from God.”

“Our preacher, Our preacher, why hast thou forsaken us? The dawn breaks. Satan is stirring. The children are growing. My mate is so lonely. What will you share with us to help us on our journey? A giblet from some intramural church squabble? Please!”

What a great comment the brother in the hallway made. Our brotherhood has created a hot topic that has intruded into the Bible classes and pulpits of local churches. Certainly the hermeneutics discussion is worthy of serious thought and dialogue. The outcome of the discussion should have an impact on the way we study and teach the Word. Still, we cannot forget that good brothers and sisters seek holiness and godliness.

Members of the Body ask that their ministers and elders, their Bible classes and sermons feed them spiritual nourishment for the daily grind and the long journey. Such lessons and sermons are found in the center cuts of spiritual meat, not in the vestigial organs of brotherhood controversy. Something is seriously wrong when ministry providing encouragement and nourishment for the Christian life is neglected in favor of bringing academic dispute into the assembly Sunday after Sunday.

I imagine one could have a good sermon grow out of the hermeneutics discussion, but the papers and journals offer a more appropriate forum for free, thoughtful interchange about such issues and questions. Brotherhood issues cannot set the preaching and teaching agenda for the church. The souls of our folks are not fed by the things that tantalize our egos. May our congregations feed those who are trying to quit cussing and find 30 minutes a day to read their Bibles!Wineskins Magazine

Eddie Sharp

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