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February 6, 2014

Baby, Did You Know? (Nov-Dec 2000)

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by Rubel Shelly
November – December, 2000

Baby in a manger, do you know how far you traveled to be here tonight? Do you remember what you left behind?

Do you realize that you created the world you are visiting? Do you know you made the universe you passed through to get here?

Can you possibly have any idea tonight of the price you will pay for coming to Earth?

Tiny baby, do you know that there have been rumors about your mother because of your birth? Is your sleep distrubed tonight by the knowledge that those rumors will haunt you throughout your stay among men?

Do you know what agony Joseph went through before he decided to claim you and to let you be known as “the carpenter’s son”?

Baby, can you tell me the identity of your real Father? Can you say his name?

Do you know that your six-month-old cousin John will become a preacher, too? Are you aware that you will some day ask him to baptize you? Do you realize that he wil die by having his head cut off?

Do you know that shepherds who live nearby are on their way to see you tonight? Do you chuckle that angels you knew in heaven sent them to find you?

Baby, are you aware that Magi from a great distance are already traveling this way in search of you? Do you know what gifts they will present you when they arrive a few months from now?

Do you know already who will love you before they have even heard of you or seen you?

Holy child, do you recognize any of these names: Anna? Peter? Herodias? James? Pilate?

Do these places make you think of anything tonight: Egypt? Bethany? Jacob’s well? Golgotha?

Do you realize what is at stake for the entire human race with regard to your birth? Is it still in your mind that your coming signals the moment of decision for every one of us?

Do you know where Jerusalem is? Can you possibly have any idea of what awaits you in that city? Do you want to go there? Are you anxious to get it over — and go back home?

Do you know me? Are you aware that I love you?

Do you know tonight that you have been born to be my savior?

Does it register for you now that my life will be directed at every critical juncture by halting and imperfect attempts to do your will? Do you know that we will be together in heaven forever? Baby in Bethlehem, newborn from Mary’s womb tonight, do you know who you are?

Can you possibly have any idea tonight of the price you will pay for coming to Earth?Wineskins Magazine

Rubel Shelly

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