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February 12, 2014

Beyond Rational Despair (Jan-Feb 2002)

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By Jeff Stephens
January-February 2002

It is the doom of unbelieving man
to fall victim to rational despair
and emotional deception –
to trust only in what the intellect and
the physical senses can experience.
What arrogance to think
that all there is to know or sense
lies within the natural capabilities of Man!

Like the changing wind,
emotion will not endure
nor can it satisfy the soul.

And the intellect of man
is but a briefly shimmering shaft of sunlight,
piercing the clouds to illuminate
a small patch of earth;
so much remains unseen and unknown.

Faith is belief beyond
what the mind can express or comprehend;
it is more than feeling, more than knowing;
it is ever a mystery,
the choice of hope against fact,
certainty above doubt,
and confidence in the face of adversity.

Greater than the abilities of the natural senses,
there is Faith – the doorway through which
the unseen spiritual realm
is shown to be real.
By faith we gain access into grace,
to seek great truths, even Ultimate Truth, and
enduring peace,
and it is by faith we find what we pursue.

Faith is the purpose of human existence,
for we were created to glorify GOD
and we do so when we give our lives to Him.
In Faith, we trust the unknown future
to the known GOD
and view with certainty the ultimate end of the
knowing that GOD
is LORD of all that is and all that will ever be,
knowing that we are strangers here,
on a journey to a heavenly home.
For, to live by Faith,
we must yearn for the presence of GOD,
yearn to be with Him, forever and today.

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