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December 21, 2013

Big Theologians Come in Small Packages (Dec 1992)

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by Mike Cope
December, 1992

8Who was he, this Jason? “Hey, that’s all right.”

It was one of those days when I was resenting Megan’s condition. I had taken my kids to a baseball card show. There’s nothing Matt would rather do than look at, trade, or buy baseball cards, and there’s nothing I’d rather do that be with him.

But I couldn’t be. I tried strolling Megan through the narrow aisles but she kept grabbing legs and then started trying for the cardboard gems: the Ken Griffeys, the Will Clarks, and the Dave Justices.

So out we went to the playground. That’s where we met Jason. Six years old. A child for whom “20 Questions” is a way of life.

“Hey, what’s your name?”

“Her name is Megan.”

“Hey, you can swing next to me.”

“Well, she can’t handle that kind of swing very well. Let’s try this one with a safety bar.”

“Hey, you want to go in the tunnel with me?”

“Let me get her out of the swing and we’ll see.”

“Hey, how come you keep answering for her?”

“Megan doesn’t talk much.”

“She looks old enough to talk. Why doesn’t she?”

“Have you ever heard of being retarded?”

“No. Why doesn’t she talk?”

“Well, Megan is almost seven but in the way she thinks – and talks! – she is more like someone who’s two.”

“Hey, that’s all right. Megan, let’s go through the tunnel.”

I hate it when theologians come in such compact size! But Jason pretty much has it figured out. The 1990s version of the All-American kid is inadequate: the Rookie League all-star, the whiz-kid who reads at age three, the precocious survivor who thrives even if left “home alone.”

Not every child is an early reader, a spelling bee winner, or an Ozzie Smith on the little league field.

“Hey, that’s all right.” Jesus loves all the little children of the world!Wineskins Magazine

Mike Cope

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