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February 11, 2014

Book Review: “The Elijah Chronicles” (Nov-Dec 2002)

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By Marge Wood
November-December 2002

Cassizzi, Vic. THE ELIJAH CHRONICLES. Alexander, North Carolina: Alexander Books, 2001. ISBN 1-57090-100-7 $21.95 320 pages. Recommended for young adults and adults.

Novelist Vic Cassizzi’s does more as a writer than just tell the story of Elijah.

He uses the Biblical account of the life of Elijah, including references throughout the Bible about Elijah. Rarely have I read such a powerfully written novel about a Biblical character as Cassizi’s The Elijah Chronicles. The characters and settings are so vivid that I didn’t want to put it down.

The author’s use of Scripture combined with his study of history have been turned into a very believable story of the life of Elijah.

The novel opens with Elijah as a young man, traveling alongside his father, and later visiting with Johanan, his lifelong friend. Johanan had hopes of convincing Elijah to spend his life as a neighbor and friend so their families could also be friends. Elijah, however, had other ideas.

He had a burning in his bones and wanted to find somebody who could help him find out what he should do with his life. As he thought and prayed, he obeyed the voice that came within him, the voice of Yahweh. Yahweh continued to guide Elijah for the rest of his life. Elijah became aware of evil going on the night that Jezebel and Ahab married, and his presence and prayers to Yahweh shook Jezebel and her maidservant, Tamara. Jezebel was so determined to rule her husband and her country that she did anything that came to her mind to have what she wanted. She was not only beautiful but also sensual. Any time Elijah was near her or Tamara, there was a great dissonance in their hearts and minds caused by Elijah’s prayers and the answers to them.

The familiar stories in the Bible about Elijah–his living in the hills alone and being fed by ravens, his moving to live in the home of the Tishbite widow and her son, his attack on the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel where his prayers to God resulted in fire from heaven burning not only the sacrifice but the altar and the water in the ditch around the altar, his constant prayers which unseated the activities of Baal worship–are vivid with sound and color in this novel.

The contrast between the ungodly Israelites and the Yahweh-worshipers of Judah turned my heart toward renewing my desire to serve the Lord.

Vic Cassizi does in fact do more with words than just tell the story. He writes vividly, and the detailed and passionate description of death’s of Ahab and Jezebel, along with the early stories of their lives and of Elijah’s ought to be a screenplay. Maybe Cassizi ought to do even more with words and turn this novel into a full-scale movie script.

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Marge Wood is a Christian wife, mother, grandmother. Her degree is a B.A. in art from Abilene Christian, with teacher certification. Concerned about the increasing global concerns about fuel, she has spent the last decade as an ardent volunteer advocate for energy efficiency and various forms of renewable energy. She belongs to the Texas Solar Energy Society and theTexas Renewable Energy Industries Association. She spends free time educating the public about renewable energy, presenting workshops for teachers, working on exhibits, writing articles, contacting legislators, or tending booths at conferences.

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