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February 11, 2014

Book Review: “When God Builds a Church” (May-Jun 2002)

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By Kenne Whitson
May-June 2002

10 Principles for Growing a Dynamic Church

by Bob Russell with Rusty Russell

Howard Publishers

Format: Hardcover, 304pp.

ISBN: 158229125X
Pub. Date: July 2000
Price: $19.99

When God Builds a Church chronicles the spiritual journey of the Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky.  Written by Bob Russell, senior pastor at Southeast, and Rusty Russell, Bob’s son and associate minister at Southeast Christian, this Howard Publishing book gives the ten basic principles that Russell and Rusty have used in the growth of the congregation from a church planting group of 50 members in 1962 to a congregation of more than 14,000.

When God Builds a Church is not full of new and inventive ideas, although some of the techniques of Southeast will be useful.  The book is, instead, about simple principles that can be applied by any group to help it to be more evangelistic. In a foreword to the book Max Lucado says “Bob has given us an understandable book on church dynamics…No gizmos, no gimmicks, just rock solid, time tested, Bible-based principles.”

In a time when so much emphasis is placed on the “newest thing,” this book stands out for its simplicity and usability.  Whether you are a minister, pastor, elder, deacon or other church servant-leader, Bob and Rusty point us back in the direction of the Word and encourage us to lead our churches as Christians, not businessmen.

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Quote of the Day: Christian Musician Shaun Groves

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should live as if the world is listening to what our every action says about
the validity of our faith.”—Contemporary Christian artist Shaun Groves. He
was quoted by Baptist Press, the news
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