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February 10, 2014

Book Review – “Transformed: Intimacy With God” (Jan-Feb 2003)

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By Jean Blackwell
Jan-Feb 2003

A Book Review of Dr. Anthony Fischetto’s book Transformed:Intimacy with God

“Do you want a personal, passionate and powerful relationship with God?”Dr. Anthony Fischetto asks.He gives practical applications on how to slow down, find solitude, and know God in his book Transformed: Intimacy with God.The author gives mental, physical, emotional and spiritual exercises to bring us into God’s manifest presence.Dr. Fischetto gives us a handbook for learning to “be still and know God personally, passionately and powerfully.”

Dr. Fischetto is a licensed psychologist near Reading, Pennsylvania and is the founder and president of the Alpha Omega Counseling Center, Inc.A member of the Schillington Church of Christ, Dr. Fischetto, travels the United States and abroad speaking on the principles of spiritual and physical renewal with the core belief that dramatic personal transformation is possible for everyone.His personal story, from switchblade to sword of the word, gives us hope for intimacy with God.

Dr. Fischetto takes us to the biblical texts about meditation in the Old and New Testament.The emphasis given to Christ, Moses, Elijah and Paul is refreshing.A twenty-first century man, Dr. Fischetto, visits Simon the Tanner’s house in Joppa, Israel.

He meditates like Peter overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.At home the author learns to imitate this rooftop experience.His personal testimonies help the reader “see” the fresh truths of long ago. Do you hear the Lord calling you to spend more time with Him?The book Transformed: Intimacy with God is a useful guide for achieving this goal.Dr. Fischetto describes to us a hands-on method for success at home.The physical rhythms of our bodies help us focus on God for 3-5 minutes several times a day… gradually increasing to 20 minutes. There are many self-examination tools in this book to help us evaluate the stresses in our lives mentally, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.The obstacles to being still and quiet with God are pointed out and practical applications are given to create desire for more intimacy.

At the Zoe Worship Conference we sang, “Breathe on me breath of God, I am desperate for you.”The Spirit of Christ is crying deep in us for more intimacy with our Maker.Abandoned to Him is the goal, getting lost in worship is the plucking of the bow, and worship is the arrow pulled out of the quiver of our hearts.Dr. Fischetto’s book is a great resource reminding us that God wants more of us.He shows us our quiver full of arrows:

  • The arrow of mediation
  • The arrow of prayer
  • The arrow of fasting
  • The arrow of the penetrating word
  • The arrow of a listening prayer journal
  • The arrow of worship

The author demonstrates experience in the disciplines and offers helpful applications.Dr. Fischetto examines these disciplines as tools reminding us that we are transformed into the image of Christ by the power of the Spirit.

A practical experience is what Dr. Fischetto describes for our busy lives in his book

Transformed:Intimacy with God.The author shows the reader how to come away form worldly passions and lusts to a place where we desire to sell all for a few sweet moments with our heavenly Father.Dr. Fischetto coaches us into what I call the chamber of meditation where we can hear Father whisper, “I loved you first.”The applicable balance comes when the reader turns back to the life of love and obedience empowered by the Holy Spirit. Dr. Anthony Fischetto has put into our hands a unique teaching manual on how to accomplish a closer relationship with God.

The book can be ordered for $15.95 plus $3.50 shipping charges.Mail check to

Alpha Omega Counseling Center, Inc.

475 Philadelphia Ave., PO Box 66

Shillington, PA19607

Reviewed by Jean Blackwell:Jean is a teacher of English using the Bible.She helps young women from China learn about Jesus and English at the same time.She is published in “Power for Today,” a devotional publication.Her husband, Benny, is a Chemical Engineer with Dupont in Wilmington, Delaware. Contac Jean at

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