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February 4, 2014

Can an XML Feed Your Spiritual Hunger? (Sep-Dec 2005)

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by Keith Brenton
WebServant, November 2005

New Wineskins now has two XML feeds – specialized snippets of code which you can use to keep track of the latest updates to our articles and blog, respectively.

“That’s nice,” you might think, “but when I click on them I see nothing but codelby-gook.”

Quite true. To make them work for you, you right-click on each (click-and-hold, if you’re a Mac user), and drag to something like “Copy Link Location” and release. Then you paste them – when prompted – into an application for your desktop (such as FeedReader or others found at RSS Info) which can read them, or into a Web site / aggregator (such as BlogLines or My Yahoo) which can read them.

The New Wineskins Blog feed is in Atom format; the article feed is in RSS format. Both use XML. Now that tells you a whole lot, doesn’t it? The fact is, neither format has gained an advantage over the other, and since the blog’s feed is automatically generated in Atom, I just thought it might satisfy the RSS stalwarts to offer the article feed in their format. Many reader and aggregator applications can track both kinds of feeds for you (and most of the earlier versions of them).

If you’re interested, Blogdigger hosts a growing Church of Christ Blog Aggregator group, where you will also find the New Wineskins Blog listed.

Oh, yes, there’s also a JavaScript feed for both New Wineskins articles and blog posts that you’ll see on a few blogs and sites. I’m hoping to move that to the new site’s host server soon and will contact as many of the feed’s hosts as I can before that happens, so they can carry the current one on their blogs and sites.

I hope all the feeds help satisfy your spiritual needs.New Wineskins

Keith BrentonKeith Brenton has just begun working as the Communications Specialist for the Pleasant Valley Church of Christ in Little Rock, Arkansas where he has attended for many of the past 20 years. From 1998-2003, Keith managed thirty web sites for E.W. Scripps-owned media outlets and has worked in copywriting, graphic design, and editing roles since 1978. He is married to Angi and they have two children, Matthew and Laura.

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