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February 11, 2014

How Do You Do Charity? (May-Jun 2002)

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By Moses Maimonides
May-June 2002

Eight levels of charity

  • To give reluctantly
  • To give cheerfully but not adequately
  • To give cheerfully and adequately, but only after being asked
  • To give cheerfully, adequately, and of your own free will, but in such a way as to make the recipient feel demeaned
  • To let the recipient know who the donor is but not the reverse
  • To know who is receiving your charity but to remain anonymous to him
  • To have neither the donor nor the recipient be aware of the other’s identity
  • To dispense with charity altogether, by enabling your fellow humans to have the wherewithal to earn their own living.

–13th century Jewish theologian Moses Maimonides

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