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February 12, 2014

The Dangers of Playing It Safe (Jan-Feb 2002)

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by David Vick
January-February 2002

Many of us today still hear the warning echo from our early church days, “Play it safe… play it safe.” That admonishment was often used to bolster otherwise weak arguments on such diverse topics as using instruments in worship and the frequency of the Lord’s Supper. The reasoning went, “… and even if such-and-such doesn’t send you to the fires of hell, it’s still better just to play it safe.” While there is a legitimate need to be careful of our lives and doctrine, perhaps it would be equally helpful to consider the dangers of playing it safe.

Three Red Flags: When It’s Dangerous To Play It Safe

1. When we “play it safe” out of fear. – i.e. The parable of the Talents.

2. When we grow confident in “playing it safe.” – i.e. The Rich Young Ruler & Galatians

3. When we impose “playing it safe” on others. – i.e. Acts 15 & Romans 14

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