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November 25, 2013

Eye for a Story (Sept-Dec 2003)

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By Karen Hill

Compelling stories are all around us. The best stories are nonfiction—drawn from our own experience, biographies, or headlines. Often a gem can be uncovered in literature, so tap often into the wellspring of writers like Steinbeck, Welty, Twain, or Austen to find unique characters and singular situations. For a story about the modern human experience, Bombeck has no equal.

Read, read, read

Creativity begins when the imagination is stimulated.

Have a watchful eye:  you never know when or where the right story will turn up.

If all else fails, tap into the “Preacher Underground” one preacher calls another, “Say, I’m doing a lesson on holiness. Got any good stories I could borrow?”  I can almost envision “The Great Story Swap Meet” in an old barn. “I’ll trade you two Atchleys for three Copes and a Shelly!”  “Step over here folks…I’ve got a slightly worn, barely used Lucado…”

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