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December 18, 2013

Family Notes 10/20/2010 (Sept-Dec 2010)

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by Edward Fudge
October 20, 2010

ENCOURAGING MINISTRY — After seven nights of the past fourteen away from home in three different states, I am tired but invigorated and greatly encouraged. What a privilege to know, to visit with, and to share body life with Vandelia Church of Christ in Lubbock, Texas; Seven Mile Post Road Church in Athens, Ala., and an informal Christian fellowship-waiting-to-be-church in Colorado Springs, Colorado! Not to mention 10 Tuesday evenings at Holy Apostles Episcopal Church in my hometown of Katy, TX, the far western suburb of Houston, where I am teaching through my newest book, The Divine Rescue.

FREQUENT LORD’S SUPPER — I have just finished looking over Kim Riddlebarger’s essay titled “The Reformation of the Supper” (PDF). The essay looks at three issues related to how often the Lord’s Supper should be celebrated, and how one’s theology of the Supper can impact the answer to that question. Dr. Riddlebarger is senior pastor of Christ Reformed Church in Anaheim, California, visiting professor of systematic theology at Westminster Seminary California, and co-host of the popular White Horse Inn radio-internet talk show. To read “The Reformation of the Supper,” go to []

“O HOUSE OF JACOB” — GracEmail subscriber Ruth Calvin is justifiably proud of her 21-year-old grandson, Julian, who wrote the beautiful choral music you can hear if you go to:

MUSLIM NEIGHBORS — You can watch as Thabiti Anyabwile and J. D. Greear, two knowledgeable authors of books on witnessing to Muslims, discuss “Loving Our Muslim Neighbors.” Go to

LIKE TO HELP WITH NEW BOOK? – If you are a very careful reader, have some spare time and would like to assist me in meeting a publisher’s deadline by looking up Scripture citations in one chapter of a new book to be sure the cite is correct, drop me an email and I will see that you get one chapter to check.

FIGHT BRAIN CANCER — During very recent years, brain cancer has claimed three of my friends, all outstanding Christians (and gracEmail subscribers)–Chris Sangster, Beverly Koonce and Allen Avery. Claudia Sangster has sent the following information that enables all of us to help fight back. Please consider “voting” as described below.

CLAUDIA WRITES: I would like to ask your help to vote for a nonprofit that has been doing extraordinary work in fundraising for brain cancer research—the Brad Kaminsky Foundation. As you can see from reading the information below, this nonprofit is in the running for the charity of the year award in Washington, D.C. next month and if the foundation wins, it will give greater visibility to brain cancer research. Please vote for them and give the brain tumor community the chance to inform the public about brain tumors. This is a disease we must conquer!

If you could please visit and vote for the Brad Kaminsky Foundation. We would be so grateful. I had to copy and paste the url into my browser, but if you wait, it will come up on your browser. You will have to submit vote and then sign in or register but it takes just a minute and it will go a long way in helping raise awareness. You can have one vote and voting ends Friday the 22nd. Do not sign in with Facebook, it is having issues. Just sign in/register on the site and if you can’t get in at the link, go to www.classyawards/ and click Vote and Washington DC. Please send out to all of your contacts and ask them to do the same. This is so important in helping to raise funds and awareness for brain tumor and cancer research.

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