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December 19, 2013

Family Notes 3/11/2010 (Mar-Jun 2010)

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by Edward Fudge
March 11, 2010

From childhood I learned to sing, “Let us sing the books of Moses, for he wrote the Law.” Later I discovered scholarship which questioned that, but wondered how to square that scholarship with Jesus’ attribution of certain Old Testament passages to Moses. What I did not see anyone do (and lacked the interest and commitment to do for myself) was to see what Scripture itself claims on the subject.

Now, applying the same exhaustive analysis of evidence that makes him one of America’s top trial lawyers, Mark Lanier combs through the entire Bible for statements about Moses as an author. I found his conclusions (prepared for his 500(+)-member Biblical Literacy class at Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston, Texas) surprising and gratifying, challenging and reassuring, compatible with scholarship and faith alike. For text, slides or video of Mark’s lesson, click here (or go to


STILLNESS — “This way of stillness is based upon the example of Christ himself. Jesus first went to the desert to prepare for his ministry.

He went to the place of the greatest stillness to prepare for the ultimate action. He went to the place of deafening silence to hear the most profound word. He went to the place where those of his day believed the demons dwelled in order to do battle with them. He went there to bring salvation and lasting peace to the entire world.” – John Michael Talbot, The World Is My Cloister: Living from the Hermit Within (Maryknoll, N.Y.: Orbis Books, paper, 125 pages, 2010), p. 21.

FEEDBACK ON HEBREWS — “When I read and reviewed your commentary on Hebrews, I needed to do it in a timely fashion so had to keep moving. Now I have just finished reading and studying it again. This time I read slowly and let what I was reading sink in. I returned many times to the same passage to read, think and meditate. I am amazed at how much I have learned. I have several commentaries on Hebrews–some from sets and some by individual authors. I have had many questions about different passages in Hebrews and have never been fully satisfied with interpretations until now. Thank you for all your hard work and years of study. I will be recommending your book to all who are interested in Hebrews.” — Clifton Ditmore

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— If you plan to attend the 2010 Tulsa Workshop on March 24-27, please join us on Thursday, March 25 for a gracEmeal, from 5-7 p.m. at the PJ’s Sandwich Shop. The restaurant is reserved for this Dutch treat dinner for gracEmail subscribers, readers and friends. No formal program, but I will make a few remarks and sign books as desired (for sale at the gracEmeal). Please RSVP to our brother Joe Warlick ( for a head count. Shortly before the Workshop, Joe will email you a menu and directions.


OUTSTANDING RESOURCE — GracEmail subscribers have met Tim Woodroof here for a decade, beginning with The Church That Flies. Then came We Can Be Heroes, six sermons in response to terrorist attacks the previous September 11. Five years later, we mentioned Tim’s chapter in <i&gt;The Transforming of a Tradition: Churches of Christ in the New Millennium (Edited by Leonard Allen and Lynn Anderson). And Tim’s latest book, A Spirit for the Rest of Us: What Jesus Said About the Holy Spirit and How it Applies to Your Life, made our July 2009 “Must-Read” list of new books. Today, after 25 years in pulpits in Oregon and Tennessee, Tim serves churches of all Christian brands by consulting, holding seminars and writing. For audio files of a recent seminar, info on all his writings and much more, click here (or go to


TOURING OUR WEBSITEFor several months during 2010, we are offering this guided tour of our website, introducing one website item in each “gracEmail family notes.”


— Journey with Edward and Sara Faye on their 1999 pilgrimage to the Holy Land, as they recount experiences, emotions and thoughts. There are writings and pictures to help capture the essence of the trip.


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