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December 19, 2013

Family Notes 4/1/2010 (Mar-Jun 2010)

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by Edward Fudge
April 1, 2010

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God willing, I will be teaching and preaching this month in Houston, Texas and in Searcy, Arkansas, as follows.

April 7 — Houston, Texas
Bering Drive Church of Christ
Wednesday — 10:00 a.m., Ladies Bible Study
“The Psalms in Hebrews”

April 11 — Searcy, Arkansas
Covenant Fellowship Church
Fire in the Fireplace: Supernatural power at its best!
9:00 a.m. at Carmichael Community Center
801 South Elm, Searcy, Arkansas

April 14, 21, 28 — Houston, Texas
Bering Drive Church of Christ
Wednesday — 10:00 a.m., Ladies Bible Study
“The Psalms in Hebrews”

CHURCH’S MISSION — “[T]he church is not about maintaining an identity or a culture, unless it is about joining the mission of Jesus to invite others to authentic discipleship that goes beyond just ‘placing membership’ at a specific church. . . . Sitting with someone in a hospital room is better kingdom work than sitting in meetings. Vacuuming the house while . . . anticipating guests who will arrive for dinner is better kingdom work than whether we have the right furniture in the foyer.” – Jeff Christian, “Disarming Bombs and Vacuuming Floors” (read it all in The Empty Pulpit (3/27/2010).

PARTNER WITH US — Even though gracEmail and our website technically are not blogs, if you have a blog and list blogs that you regularly read, please consider listing gracEmail or Edward Fudge website with a link to . This helps our traffic flow enormously and eventually helps those who come for a visit. Thank you in advance!

‘ANGELS’ NEEDED — Most Bible studies are academic and instructive or devotional and practical, but few are both. For several years, seminary/university teacher (Fuller, Iliff, Martin), preacher and gracEmail subscriber Gary D. Collier has been developing an interactive approach that combines serious contextual analysis with inspirational personal application. This happens through an imaginative reading of Scripture in which the reader interacts conversationally with the biblical author (over a cup of coffee), while participating in and internalizing the story being told, with the spiritual goal of drawing closer to God. The entire program is nearing completion but one or more financial “angels” are needed to cross the finish line. I hype you not: if this project turns out to be even fractionally as good as it looks to me, I believe it has the potential of revolutionizing Bible study, bringing more unbelievers to Christ and bringing divine energy to a lethargic Church. For more details, click here or write to Gary at

LIFT HEART AND HANDS — Thanks to modern technology, believers everywhere this Resurrection Sunday weekend can thrill to Dr. S. M. Lockridge’s tribute to Jesus titled “That’s My King!” (original title “Seven Way King”). Click here to listen, and save the site to hear again later! TECHNICAL DETAILS: The audio by Dr. Lockridge is slightly edited to match the video flow. The video by Albert Martin took 36 hours to create and render, using After Effects, with footage from the movie “The Passion of the Christ.” The final After Effects project file totaled more than 600 layers. Background music was performed live by the Granger (Indiana) Community Church band while the video played on the screens. That led directly into the worship song “Here is Our King.” The entire GCC service is at


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