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December 19, 2013

Family Notes 4/16/2010 (Mar-Jun 2010)

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by Edward Fudge
April 16, 2010


“What the church has done instinctively, we must now do intentionally. We must be serious about the task of Christian formation. Our youth must come to see themselves in a sort of master-apprentice relationship with older Christians, in which the young look over the shoulders of those who are attempting to be Christian in today’s world. Christian education should provide opportunities for developing believers to model their lives upon those of developed believers. It should also encourage all Christians to realize that we have the sacred responsibility to fashion our lives and thoughts upon distinctively Christian convictions. Christian development is best understood . . . as apprenticeship in the art of discipleship. Being Christian is more like learning to paint or to dance than it is like having a personal experience or finding out something about oneself. It takes time, skill and the wise guidance of a mentor. Discipleship implies discipline — forming one’s life in congruence with the desires and directives of the Master.” — Will Willimon, “Making Christians in a Secular World,” Christian Century (Oct. 22, 1986, p. 914). read more>>

SCOT McKNIGHT COMMENTS — Scot McKnight is the Karl A. Olsson Professor in Religious Studies at North Park University (Chicago, Illinois) and is a widely-recognized authority on the New Testament, early Christianity, and the historical Jesus. His blog, JESUS CREED, is one of the most widely-read and highly-regarded blogs on Christian themes. We were appreciative and delighted when he wrote recently about our book, Hebrews: Ancient Encouragement for Believers Today, as follows:

“Commentary writing usually leads to boring prose…. Fudge, however, parts from the norm by writing prose that keeps the reader alert. He’s got a good format: the “Why and Wherefore” (big picture, clear idea of whole passage) is followed by “Unpacking the Text” (made clear and accessible for English-Bible readers) and throughout excellent sidebars…. This commentary is marked by a thoroughly christocentric approach and a keen sensitivity for the pastor/preacher. For its size and scope, I can’t think of a better commentary.” read more>>

WEBSITE NEWS — Our website now includes brief videos introducing the gracEmail ministry; summarizing the core message of Hebrews: Ancient Encouragement for Believers Today; introducing Sara Faye; and audio and video recordings of our weekend presentationsseminars on several topics.

PROVIDE MANA — Click here to sign on as a ‘fan’ of MANA (Mother Administered Nutritive Aid) during the next ten days and an anonymous donor will give $1 to help this nonprofit organization fight world starvation. Invite your friends to invite their friends. Tell them that the simple act of becoming a fan translates into a product that saves lives. 10 days. 10,000 fans. $10,000. (Former missionary and gracEmail subscriber Mark Moore is founder of MANA.)

MISSION — “Pentecost is the day when the mission of the church was made clear, both in purpose and language. Everyone is supposed to hear the good news, even if they look, think, and believe different from me. The xenophobia encouraged by 24-hour news channels and talk radio is not a posture Christians should entertain when Pentecost is recent in our memory. Instead, we dare to dream the dreams of God who sends us out from our Sunday rooms into a world that looks chaotic, but really needs nothing more than a clear word, a dose of a redeeming Spirit. And for whatever reason, God chooses to make that dose manifest through us so that ‘charity possesses them in the simple depths of God.'” — Jeff Christian, “A Daily Pentecost,” The Empty Pulpit, 07 April 2010. read more>>


IMPORTANT NEWS — Beginning with this issue, gracEmail has moved to a new platform and there are several new features at the bottom of each gracEmail. Most important is a link to add to your email address book to ensure delivery. You will also see a link to forward the gracEmail to a friend (please use it!), and another link that enables your friend to subscribe (please tell your friend!) . GracEmail is an opt-in list, which means everyone on the list has asked to be there, and that no one gets gracEmail unless they request it. There is even a link to unsubscribe if you wish to do that at any time. There is a link to manage your subscription. You will also find your email address to which the gracEmail was sent, if you ever want to confirm that. Thanks for being a part of the gracEmail family! We are working hard to make sure it is always worth your time.

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