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December 19, 2013

Family Notes 4/8/2010 (Mar-Jun 2010)

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by Edward Fudge
April 8, 2010



If all went as planned, Sara Faye and I are in Searcy, Arkansas this weekend, where I will be preaching this Sunday morning at Covenant Fellowship Church on the topic “Fire in the Fireplace: Supernatural power at its best!” The church meets at 9:00 a.m. in the Carmichael Community Center, located at 801 South Elm, Searcy, Arkansas. This nondenominational congregation is “missional” at its best: grounded in the gospel, touching others with the love of Jesus in the Father’s service as empowered by the Spirit. Searcy is home to Harding University, and more than 100 Harding students are part of the Covenant Fellowship family of faith.

PRAY FOR CLARK PINNOCK — We have just learned that theologian Clark H. Pinnock has middle-stage Alzheimer’s and his writing days appear over. Clark has been an encouraging friend to me for 40 years and, when in Canada, I have spent the night in his home. With many others who suffer, he is now in my prayers, and I ask you to include him in yours. After earning a PhD in New Testament at Manchester University in 1963 under F.F. Bruce, Pinnock taught at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Regent College, and at McMaster Divinity College in Ontario, Canada. A man of strong commitment and courage, he often advocated minority views, including free will in salvation, ongoing spiritual gifts, conditional immortality, “a wider hope,” and open theism. “I am 73 years now,” he says,” and I’ve enjoyed my biblical three score and ten. I am not bitter. I have had a good life.”

FREE JOBS BOARD — Ron Holifield, gracEmail subscriber and CEO of Strategic Government Resources, has posted a jobs board listing over 3,500 jobs in all 50 states. SGR serves local governments and all job listings are government related. This resource is free for job seekers and requires no registration or obligation of any kind. Click here (or go to

NEW WINESKINS — All articles in the April issue of New Wineskins online magazine (Theme: “Patternism”) are now on the website, and a remaining book review will be up within days. Contributors all are gracEmail subscribers and include: Jim Ayars, Edward Fudge (guest editor), Nick Gill, Jay Guin, Al Maxey, Royce Ogle, Rick Presley, Charles Prince, Charme Robarts and Tim Woodroof. See it here (or go to

MUSIC & THE SPIRIT — While I believe that the word for “sing” in the New Testament (psallo) includes both accompanied and unaccompanied singing, both instrumental and vocal music can be misused. One recent scholarly study concludes that Paul’s contrast between wine and singing in Ephesians 5:18-19 is rooted in ancient Asian pagan worship that involved frenzied and alcohol-driven instrumentation. Instead of that, the apostle urges Spirit-motivated worship in the heart, expressed in simple song. Get more details here.

QUOTABLE — “I gave a talk some years ago in which I mentioned that the Christian faith was a matter of life and death. Afterwards, I was approached by a publisher who found that statement so amazing that he asked me if I would care to write a book about it. Surely his amazement was symptomatic of our society’s sickness: that it knows no divine commandment nor desires any sanctification; that it seeks life apart from God, who is the sole source of life; that it searches for freedom but is unwilling to bear a cross; that it wants a story to live by, but will not teach or learn the One Story. Those are, indeed, all matters of life and death, and the church must deal with them if it truly wants to be the Body of Christ, and a light to the world and salt and leaven.” –Elizabeth Achtemeier, “Renewed Appreciation for an Unchanging Story.” Read it all here (or go to

FREE BOOK FOR FIGHTING MS — — A copy of my forthcoming book, The Divine Rescue, is our “thank-you” to anyone who donates $100 to fight multiple sclerosis as follows. For the fourth year, Michael Simpson, my son-in-law and gracEmail’s computer guru, is one of some 13,000 cyclists pedaling the fundraising “MS-150” from Houston to Austin next weekend. We will give every gracEmail reader who sponsors him $100 or more here ( an inscribed copy of The Divine Rescue when it is released next month. For more about the book, or to reserve inscribed copies for yourself or for others, click here (or go to www.EdwardFudge/written/divine_rescue.html).

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