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December 19, 2013

Family Notes 6/8/2010 (Mar-June 2010)

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by Edward Fudge
June 8, 2010

TENNESSEE MINISTRY — On Sunday, June 6, I had the joyful privilege of presenting two teachings at the nondenominational Forest Home Church near Franklin, Tennessee on the topics of “Jesus our Great High Priest” and “The Holy Spirit During This Time ‘Until'”. This is a vibrant fellowship of earnest disciples who know what it means to be rescued by Jesus and who understand the difference between discipleship and keeping house for the Lord. They don’t talk much about being “missional” — they just do it. Their meeting-house is a renovated one-room schoolhouse with barn-wood exterior, surrounded by beautiful fields and woods of Middle Tennessee. It was delightful to make new acquaintances, and also to visit with multiple gracEmail subscribers, some from two and even three hours away.

A considerable number of gracEmail subscribers were also among the 400+ Christian scholars from 80 colleges, universities and seminaries who gathered last week at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, for three days of fellowship, discussion and study during the Christian Scholars Conference. I moderated a three-hour session that first viewed the documentary film Kabul 24, then enjoyed critiques by an interdisciplinary panel that included a rhetorician, a theologian, a political scientist, an attorney, a theater professor and a historian. Kabul24 is a stirring movie tracing the true story of the Christian aid workers in Afghanistan who were kidnapped by the Taliban. The hostages, prayed for by believers around the world, struggled with their fear and their faith and finally were rescued by American soldiers invading the country following the attacks of September 11. For information about the movie, click here or go to . There is also a very detailed and well-written book by the filmmaker with the same title as the film, available through .

In May and June 2010, God opened doors for me to teach or preach in a wide spectrum of Christian churches, including Seventh-day Adventist, Southern Baptist, Church of Christ, Independent, and United Methodist, and he also arranged for me to teach a 10-week series on Tuesday nights using the new book The Divine Rescue at an Episcopal congregation. More on that later.

PREACHER SOUGHT IN MISSISSIPPI — The Lee Acres Church of Christ, a loving, grace-based family of believers located in Tupelo, Mississippi, is seeking a minister of preaching, teaching and equipping others to serve. The group includes 100+ people, among them my mother Sybil Fudge Dewhirst, her sister Beth Ewing, and my cousin, heart surgeon Dr. Pat Ewing, who serves as one of four elders. For more information, contact Lee Acres Church of Christ Minister Search Committee, 1400 Lawndale Drive, Tupelo, MS 38801 or reach them by email ( or by telephone (662-844-3111).

GOD THE SOURCE OF BEING — “The New Testament uses a variety of different pictures to describe hel: fire is one of them, destruction another, exclusion from the presence of God another. Burning in fire for eternity is the picture which got fixed in much traditional teaching about hell as though it were a literal description. The New Testament does not require us to think of hell in this way. Hell is not an eternal chamber of horrors across the way from heaven. Hell is the fate of those who reject God’s love. God’s love cannot compel them to find their fulfilment in God, but there is no other way they can find fulfilment. They exclude themselves from the Source of all being and life.” – Richard Bauckham, Hell (

PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS! — A recent poll found that 78% of the population trust reviews and recommendations from their friends, while only 14% trust advertising. Have you read and appreciated Hebrews: Ancient Encouragement for Believers Today or The Divine Rescue? Will you please recommend the book(s) to your friends? Please consider sharing your positive comment via website, email, FaceBook or Twitter. Such personal word-of-mouth referrals are very effective and will be greatly appreciated.

QUOTABLE — “According to John, Jesus died because he told the truth to everyone he met. He was the truth, a perfect mirror in which people saw themselves in God’s own light. What happened then goes on happening now. In the presence of his integrity, our own pretense is exposed. In the presence of his constancy, our cowardice is brought to light. In the presence of his fierce love for God and for us, our own hardness of heart is revealed. Take him out of the room and all those things become relative. I am not that much worse than you are nor you than I, but leave him in the room and there is no place to hide. He is the light of the world. In his presence, people either fall down to worship him or do everything they can to extinguish his light.” — Barbara Brown Taylor, “The Perfect Mirror,” Christian Century (March 18-25, 1998), page 283. read more >>

SUBSCRIBER’S REACTION TO NEW BOOK — Christian sister and gracEmail subscriber Bee Meadows writes: “I’ve just finished THE DIVINE RESCUE — outstanding! Unlike your reviewers Calvin Miller and Jeff Christian, I couldn’t read it in one setting. When I got to the “Redux” chapters, specifically chapter 35, my tears were so heavy I had to take a time out to thank and praise our triune God before I could go on. My cell phone was with me and even though it was 6:15 Friday morning, I called our mutual good friend (named) and told him to order the book immediately. He said his order was already in the mail. I don’t know why that special visitation was so strong; was it some new truth, a hidden mystery now unveiled, or just the Joy of The Lord — whatever, bring it on, pure Joy!”

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