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February 12, 2014

Future Editions (March 2013)

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Future Editions

by Keith Brenton

Planning continues for the monthly editions of New Wineskins, and these are the themes that are tentatively scheduled:


  • LeadershipApril, 2013 – in progress. Our churches have a long tradition of leadership by evangelists, elders and deacons. But what does scripture have to say about the people who hold these titles; what are their responsibilities and roles within the local family of God? Are these truly offices of the church to be filled, or recognitions of those who are already serving?


  • LamentMay, 2013. It’s the 100th edition of Wineskins / New Wineskins … but there will be no particular celebration of it. Instead — in this aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, explosion of fertilizer stored at the West, Texas facility — let’s approach this edition as people who are mourning tragedy that-only-God-could-have-prevented anticipate a Sunday worship full of celebratory happiness, joy, thanksgiving and praise. What place does lament have in our lives, and in our worship together? Is it only permissible at the Lord’s Table? Is it appropriate there and only there? How should/does our worship planning accommodate those who are suffering?

If you would like to contribute an article to New Wineskins (or original artwork, photography, or other creative work), send a proposal paragraph or sample to []. Deadline for final articles is the last day of the previous month; articles go live from day to day within the month of publication.

Please see the Writer’s Guidelines, then … write!

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