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December 18, 2013

God’s Embedded Agents (Sept-Dec 2010)

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by Edward Fudge
October 31, 2010

For several years we have heard of newspeople who are “embedded” with the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. These folks live with the troops, go where they go, take their risks–all in search of that “story” by which their work is defined. We believers are God’s embedded agents, scattered throughout the general population with the unique assignment of being “salt” and “light” in our designated place. I had some day surgery early last Monday and went home. The surgical site began to bleed and we returned to E.R., then to hospital for two days for observation and assurance. When I arrived at hospital, God already had numerous embedded agents waiting for patients to bless.

I originally selected my surgeon because he was in my insurance network and I could pronounce his name. During our first visit three weeks ago, I mentioned something about God healing. To my delight, Dr. Farrow told me that he is a Christian, that he sees himself as God’s servant and his profession as a ministry. When my surgery time arrived, he prayed with us for God’s blessing, and since then we have talked about Jesus and Scripture as well as surgery and recovery.

Clementine is another embedded agent at my west Houston suburban hospital (which I was able to leave on Wednesday afternoon). She is a nurse, originally from Cameroon in Africa. We chatted as I walked laps around my area of the hospital. She thought she remembered my name in connection with a lawyer named Mark Lanier (my employer/sponsor), and when I mentioned gracEmail, Clementine said another lawyer friend of hers had forwarded that to her. My nurse is now a gracEmail subscriber and we each have a new friend.

Then there is Mrs. Schultz–a volunteer Patient Advocate and a Catholic believer who donates time to spread cheer and hope, and to help patients any way that she can. Each of these embedded agents expressed pleasure at encountering another one in me. It is a wonderful privilege to be on assignment by God, wherever he has put us, to serve whomever we meet. And it is exciting and delightful to meet some of his other embedded agents in the course of our ordinary lives.

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