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February 12, 2014

I’ll Fly Away (Mar-Apr 2002)

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by Angie Wilhite
March-April 2002

There are moments in life when it feels like God reaches down from the heavens and touches the very core of our souls. “Memorial Day” God touched me. My family and I were visiting my brother’s grave on a warm, sunny afternoon. As we walked toward his grave our eyes caught sight of one of the most beautiful arrangements I have ever seen. On top of a grave was a glimmering white cross. Easter lilies surrounded the cross and two little stuffed white birds sat on each side of the flowers. At the base of the cross was a robin’s nest built inside the green foliage. It was filled to the brim with four baby birds! Tears welled up inside me as I observed “life” in the cemetery. I had heard the story of the resurrection so many times before, but never had I felt like I did then as I thought of the crucifixion and how our Lord was buried … only to rise again.

My family and I observed the mother and father robin feed their young throughout the afternoon. The robins watched over their nest just as the guard watched over our Lord’s tomb. As the day went on, one of the baby birds flew! The next few days the other three little robins tried their wings and one by one left the nest. The mother and father robins knew their babies would not stay in the nest just as our Father in heaven knew the tomb would not hold His only Son.

When I returned to the grave to find the empty nest I was once again filled with inspiration. I thought of how Mary must have felt when she returned to find the stone rolled away and Jesus gone. She believed someone had taken His body. As she wept, two angels appeared to her. Then, she saw Jesus and He said, “Do not hold on to me, for I have not yet returned to the Father.” Jesus could not stay in the tomb just as the baby birds could not stay in their nest.

As I watched the baby birds fly, I pictured Jesus ascending into the heavens. I was filled with hope and joy as I thought of the gift the Lord has given us of “victory over death.” If we follow in His steps, we, too, will rise above the grave and “fly away.”

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