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February 10, 2014

Jesus, Lord of Your Personality (Mar-Apr 2003)

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Bob Russell and Rusty Russell Jesus, Lord Of Your Personality (Howard Publishers 2002).

Reviewed by Allan Hicks

Can Jesus really change your life? Do you wrestle with the reality that your life may not be messed up enough for Jesus to work on you? For others, life is so messed up that they surrender all their life to Jesus to fix. It seems, though, that for the rest of us our problems are just simple matters of thoughts and personality quirks. “Jesus doesn’t deal with personality quirks,” we tell ourselves. Right? Wrong.

According to the new book by Bob and Rusty Russell, Jesus, Lord Of Your Personality, Jesus is our personal Lord and Savior who deals with each of us individually and faces each one of our problems personally. He isn’t just a drug addict counselor or an AA facilitator helping those with addiction problems. No, he is the personal counselor and savior of each and every person, regardless of the problem.

The authors explain how Jesus helps each of us deal with four areas of our personality and how we can be transformed. The book is designed to help the reader grasp the problem and solution to each of these four areas of personality. The Russells explain that if we allow Jesus to control our personality, then the issues with our actions will be overcome. Most people are deceived into thinking that Christianity is all about aligning our actions to that of Christ. The truth of the matter is that our personality should be aligned to Christ, first, and then our actions will follow. This is the concept Russell explains so well in his book.

The book is easy to read with some very penetrating thoughts that cut right to the core of a person’s soul and causes one to confront his or her own personality defects. I know that it has caused me to repent over some issues. The book is also divided into four chapters with each one containing a list of questions for either personal study or small group discussion. I recommend this book to someone who desires to become more intimately like Christ. The book would also make a good gift to a new Christian as he or she discovers what becoming like Christ is all about.

PURCHASE Jesus, Lord of My Personality (Howard Publishers)

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