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December 5, 2013

Known (Aug 2012)

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By Paula Harrington

Jesus says that everyone will know us by our love but whom exactly does He mean?

Could it be the:











What about those those in the synagogue, Mosque, or church building down the street from ours? Or those with a different skin color, a different language, and different customs?

Do others know us by our love? Are we actively loving outside the church building doors? Are we busy in our communities?

Jesus doesn’t say that others will know us by how firmly we stand on doctrinal issues. Nor does He say that we’ll be known by how well we warm a pew on Sunday morning or how many minutes a day we spend alone with Him. He never said that how we vote will make others know that we belong to Him.

He mentions nothing about the contribution, the Bible classes, or how popular our minister may or may not be.<br><br>It doesn’t matter where our alumni magazine hails from or how many Bible degrees we have.

When someone in our community mentions the church, do others immediately think of how much we love? If not, why not and what do we need to do about that?The church should be actively serving, loving, and changing the community because folks, we’re going to be known by our love and, sadly, we’re also going to be known by our lack of it.

Change the world for Jesus because He changed you.

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