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February 7, 2014

Letter From Our Editors (May-Jun 2003)

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June 6, 2003


In the original joint editorial we wrote for this magazine, we pledged to explore “bold but responsible change” – for the sake of our love for Christ, our commitment to the Word of God, and our desire for healthier churches. We’ve also tried to take the medicine we’ve dared recommend to others.

Wineskins has undergone its own transitions, redesigned its format, and broadened its alliance of writers. Thus NEW WINESKINS has published Leonard Sweet, Sally Morgenthaler, and Larry Crabb as well as Lynn Anderson, Donna Hester, and Max Lucado. And we have marketed to a broader audience.

More recently, we have gone online with The experiment has worked! Ten percent of our readership now takes primary delivery via the internet, and that number has grown steadily since its launch. Like us, the majority of you use the internet for research and communication. So we’re ready for our next major move. NEW WINESKINS is leaving enameled-paper print magazine to become an electronic magazine. We will begin 2004, God willing, as a quality magazine available through your computer connection to the internet.

Why this move? Economy of production for a magazine whose costs leave our donor-sustainers making up deficits for every issue. Immediate accessibility of both current and archived issues of the magazine. Search-engine capabilities for our writers, themes, and topics. The ability to communicate live with key authors about their articles. Participation in electronic community with people wanting to pursue, clarify, or challenge things said in the magazine. We envision the creation of an interactive and real time community of believers whose discourse can help us all grow in the grace of Christ.

Will it work for everyone? Probably not. Some may not have capabilities for –or simply may not prefer — electronic magazines. Others may simply fancy the “feel” of a traditional magazine. (You will still be able to use your own printer and paper to generate hard copy from PDF files!) And some just won’t like the change for indefinable reasons. (Be careful, or you may be like some of the people whose attitude toward change in your church you have criticized!) Remember, the wineskins may change to accommodate the living and vibrant character of the new wine of Christ.

We hope many of you who believe in the mission of NEW WINESKINS will help us with significant donations to facilitate the changeover. We will ask all of you whose subscriptions expire in the spring of 2004 to accept your final one or two issues in electronic form. (If you can’t live with that, we will either print the Jan/Feb and Mar/Apr issues in 2004 and mail them to you or refund your money for those two issues.) And all subscriptions from this point forward will be to the electronic format at $19.95 per year. This price may increase as we add features to our web site and make new resources available in printed or digital form. jesus proposal book

righteousness inside out bookWill you help us? We want and need your continued participation in this project. And we pledge to continue being responsive to the Holy Spirit, to our readers, and to the evolving communications environment in the current culture. With your gift of $100, we’ll send your choice of The Jesus Proposal or Righteousness Inside Out as our thanks.

Rubel Shelly Mike Cope Greg Taylor
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Click here to donate $100 and receive Cope’s or Shelly’s book as our thanks. For a donation of $250, we will send you both books as our thanks.

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