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February 10, 2014

A Letter From the Zoe Group President (Sep-Dec 2003)

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by Larry W. Bridgesmith
September – December, 2003

Friends of New Wineskins and ZOE, God’s journey is amazing. Throughout the history of his pursuit of the hearts of men and women, His Story is one we never expect or imagine. As the unchanging God, he is always fresh and unanticipated in his encounters with us. He is both Ancient and Future, Alpha and Omega.

Our culture has developed a unique desire to see God in his forever roles. The postmodern world is no longer content to experience God in a time capsule, frozen like a lab specimen to be examined. Instead, today’s God-seeker yearns to experience God in his eternal mystery.

Christians long to experience the story of God as it continues to unfold in lives and the circumstances of our journey of faith. For many, it is not acceptable to merely “understand” God, we desire to know him.

This year’s conference, Ancient Future, explored the postmodern expectation of entering into the story of God. We were excited to welcome Leonard Sweet to assist us in this pursuit. Leonard’s work in articulating the nuances of contemporary culture has given us a language to help communicate the new wine of the good news to those who desire to know God’s story. Numerous other gifted resources were dedicated to developing the theme of God’s story in the lives of men and women and the ministry of worship.

The new ZOE recording is one we are awed to offer. In its making we believe God entered into the creation of musical experiences which will touch lives and continue the amazing encounter of God with willing hearts. To this point, God has repeatedly revealed how he chooses to use Zoe music to bring abundant, filled to overflowing life to the people who make it and those to whom it ministers. The stories we hear of the impact of ZOE music humble us and excite us continually. The making of Ancient Future has been no exception.

The glory is all God’s. The story is his. The experience of entering into his story as it has unfolded throughout the ages is the most fulfilling endeavor we could ever know.

Our conferences have been times of awakening, refreshing and refocusing only because God has allowed us to join him in his Ancient Future journey. We cannot know fully what God has in store, but it is his story and we pray that we will be faithful in its telling.

The new issue of New Wineskins titled “Ancient Future: Telling God’s Story,” is another method of telling the ageless story. As New Wineskins continues to promote relevant communications in each age, the magazine’s transition to online publishing will be accompanied by occasional special issues such as this one. This joint issue (September/October and November/December 2003) is comprised of targeted materials developing the theme of Telling God’s Story. From pulpit to kitchen table, God’s people “must tell his story.” This issue demonstrates the numerous ways in which the greatest story ever told can be passed from person to person in ways that connect with the Ancient Future of God.New Wineskins

Larry W. Bridgesmith

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