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December 19, 2013

Merging News (Jul-Aug 1997)

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By Wineskins Staff

July – August, 1997

Subscribers to Image magazine were surprised recently to receive a letter from Denny Boultinghouse explaining why Image will no longer be published. The announcement that Image and Wineskins are merging – to continue as Wineskins – was a surprise to many and the fulfillment of a dream for others.

Twelve years ago, it was the vision of Denny Boultinghouse that led to Image beginning. It was Denny who encouraged Reuel Lemmons to rise above his disappointing experience with a journal he had previously edited and become editor of a new magazine. And it was Denny who continued to edit Image after Reuel’s death.

It was a similar dream which led to Wineskins beginning in 1992. Since that time, many people have felt that the two publications were so similar in philosophy, mission, and purpose that they should be merged into one. Many prayers have been offered and many conversations about merger have taken place. those prayers were answered, beginning in March of this year, when a series of events unfolded, leading to this announcement.

Relationships between the publishers and editors of Image and Wineskins have always been respectful and cordial. Beyond that, we have loved each other as brothers and sisters in God’s family. We have admired each other’s work, shared information, prayed for one another, and asked God to show us how to serve him more productively. We believe that this merger is the result.

The June/July issue of Wineskins, dealing with the Christian’s relationship to the world, will be the first sent to the combined subscriber list. All Image subscribers will have the remaining portion of their subscriptions fulfilled by Wineskins.

Wineskins will continue to be edited by Mike Cope and Rubel Shelly, co-editors, and Philip Morrison, managing editor. Denny Boultinghouse has also been asked to fill a significant editorial role in the merged publication.

Because the two magazines have operated with different computer systems, and different accounting and fulfillment software, there will probably be some rough spots during a transition period. We ask you to bear with us and let us know about any problems with your subscription. You may write us at:
P.O. Box 129004,
Nashville, TN 37212-9004,

call us toll-free at

800-382-5004 (373-5004 in the Nashville area), or e-mail us at (Ed. note: this e-mail address is no longer active as this is published on the Web site.)

You will notice few changes in Wineskins, as our editorial thrust, our regular writers plus Image writers, and our appearance will be familiar. One change is a slight increase in our subscription rate. Effective immediately, individual subscriptions are $16 for a year (six issues) in the U.S. and Canada. Other foreign subscriptions are $25. All subscriptions are payable in U.S. funds. You may call or write for prices on bundles and back issues.

Wineskins is a ministry, not a business. Without the backing of a school or publishing house, it exists by gifts, subscriptions, and advertising. Your subscription orders, prompt payment of subscription invoices and generous contributions will make it possible for Wineskins to continue as an important voice for bold and responsible renewal in Churches of Christ.Wineskins Magazine

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