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December 9, 2013

New Book for Mothers…And Anyone Who Ever Had One (May 2012)

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By Edward Fudge


The bond between mother and child is knit with “sacred cords,” writes Sara Faye Fudge, in her foreword to Life’s Too Short to Miss the Big Picture (for Moms). “And those cords will sustain both mother and child through . . . sleep deprivation and teething, . . . adolescent angst and . . . struggles for independence, . . . weddings and grandchildren, . . . right through to the role reversal of mother and child . . . in old age.” The new author of this new book is Melanie Simpson, who has been (in order) our daughter, Jeremy’s sister, Michael’s wife, and “Mom” to Julia and Zeke. With this new book from Leafwood Publications (224 pages,73 chapters, $14.99), mothers at all stages of life are in for an uncommon treat.

Just how good is Mrs. Simpson’s first book? As the author’s “biggest fan” (see Acknowledgements, p. 9), I am totally biased and hopelessly unqualified to give an objective answer. But I can tell you what several other folks have said, who are fair-minded and quite objective in their judgments. Consider Laura Starnes Norman of Merry Makers, Inc., who describes herself as a “ridiculously busy” mother of five. “It is not often I find a book that I am willing to exchange for my limited spare time,” Laura says. But she took a chance on Melanie’s book, filled with “stories of family, friends, turbulence, and whimsy.” Laura’s verdict? “A worthy indulgence.”

Somewhere at the other end of the spectrum is Melissa M. Fitzpatrick, who, as research assistant for Living Proof Ministries and with two graduate degrees under her belt, is obviously an avid reader. “Pure joy!” Melissa raves. “Melanie tells stories of truth and redemption with grace, warmth, wit, and exceptional ease. Whether bawling my eyes out or roaring with laughter, I felt like Melanie and I were chatting across a tiny bistro table, sharing a pot of tea and fresh pumpkin scones. Melanie exudes an attentiveness to daily life that stirs her reader to slow down and observe moments more carefully. This honest and heartwarming book will make you want to love the people in your life better and more extravagantly.”

Some of us, including Mike and Diane Cope, “are old enough to remember (and love!) Erma Bombeck, whose writing about normal, daily life was both funny and profound. Melanie Simpson has a similar flair,” note the Copes. “We love her humor, joy, vulnerability, and robust theological insights. What a delightful book!” Melanie takes the mother-child bond full circle by dedicating this book to her mother. She thanks her mother for many things–including “the patience and love you showed by not putting me out on the curb during my teenage years.” A decision, by the way, that all of Melanie’s future readers will roundly applaud!

The official release for Life’s Too Short to Miss the Big Picture (for Moms)is May 1, the beginning of Pepperdine University Annual Bible Lectures. But you can pre-order it now here–and get a discount in any quantity!

Copyright 2012 by Edward Fudge. You are urged to reproduce, reprint or forward this gracEmail, but only in its entirety, without change and without financial profit.

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