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February 11, 2014

One Minute Review: Peace Like a River (Nov-Dec 2002)

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Simply Living with Marge Wood

In today’s world of fear and cynicism, PEACE LIKE A RIVER comes along to encourage us. Leif Enger, the author, lives on a farm in Minnesota with his wife and two sons. He works for Minnesota Public Radio. His development of characters make you want to go follow these around. Reuben, the voice of the book, is an asthmatic child who observes. Swede, his younger sister, is incredibly wise and knowledgeable almost to the point of being unbelievable. Swede is, however, delightful. She pounds out poetry on her typewriter with the support of their father–poetry that reflects the events of the day as they happen. Davy, the oldest, loves his family and is determined to protect them at any cost. Their mother left them as young children because her ambitions exceeded those of her husband, who dropped out of medical school to become a plumber. Jeremiah Land, their father, is the kind of person you read about in the Bible, one who is not overcome with evil but overcomes evil with good.

This already tells you almost too much. Read it.

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Marge Wood is a Christian wife, mother, grandmother. Her degree is a B.A. in art from Abilene Christian, with teacher certification. Concerned about the increasing global concerns about fuel, she has spent the last decade as an ardent volunteer advocate for energy efficiency and various forms of renewable energy. She belongs to the Texas Solar Energy Society and theTexas Renewable Energy Industries Association. She spends free time educating the public about renewable energy, presenting workshops for teachers, working on exhibits, writing articles, contacting legislators, or tending booths at conferences.

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