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December 5, 2013

Poem: A God of Guts (Oct 2012)

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By Ruth Naylor

The lightning rips and rolls across the sky
tonight. I wait for insight, longing for
a voice to clarify the wisdom I
can feel. But scientific modes ask more.

The paradoxes tensing up the Truth
with truths confuse my mind. Is knowledge now
the essence? –Research now revered as proof?
Is God a primitive dark force, endowed

with wooden limbs which storms can break and fell?
Are we to gather up the brush at dawn
and burn our faith in academic hells?
Refreshing summer rain intrudes and spawns

a nighttime song, persistent, gentle, warm.
“Rise up, discover, question all you know.
The light comes with the lightning threat of harm.
The choice is yours and it takes guts to grow.”

Previously published in Christian Living – July, 1986

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