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February 12, 2014

Reader Says Church of Christ Will Remain (Sep-Oct 2002)

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Dear Editor,

I just read your article in New Wineskins, “Will the Churches of Christ Survive the 21st Century” (Sep/Oct 2001) and would like to offer a few comments.

First, you state that “Failure was written into our identity from the beginning,” evidently based on the statement that our “whole identity is wrapped up in getting it right.” If this is true I suppose we would have been better off without the restoration plea and the “Back to the Bible” idea. We could have remained Baptists and Presbyterians to this day. You seem to lump women’s role in the church and the millennial issues along with church government, Baptism, the Lord’s Supper, and Music. If it is not important to get these issues right I suppose it would have been better to return to the Baptist, but they also think they have it “right.”

While you are right in saying our methods and interpretations are not “the products of Scripture.” It is certainly scriptural to discuss these things. If the determination to get things “right” is laughable it is because you and others like you have taught them so. Yet the leaders of both the “traditional” and “progressive” sides of all this would never make a wart on the nose of Mr. Alexander Campbell when it comes to understanding the Scriptures.

If the “Churches of Christ” (a denominational term that you have earned) do not survive it will be because of you and others like you who have torn it down. Yet the assembly of Christ is here and will remain.

John Anderson

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