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February 11, 2014


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A Christian Educator Revisits ‘Christmas at Matthew’s House’ | Letter: A Sister’s Love | A 1993 Note from Andre Resner | Christmas at Matthew’s House (Original Article)

Republished from April 1993 issue of Wineskins

The article “Christmas at Matthew’s House,” in the November 1992 issue of Wineskins provoked quite a wide variety of responses from our readers. Because the piece has raised questions and provoked discussion about the interpretation of the Bible, the virgin birth, and appropriate ways of communication the Christian message, we thought it important and worthwhile to explore these questions further and join you in dialog on these issues.

Here are three brief articles, each of which approaches the issues differently.

  • “A Sister’s Love,” is an actual letter from a Christian woman to her sister. Both sisters have been active in Churches of Christ for over 50 years.




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