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January 13, 2014

Something Has Gone Wrong (Jul – Dec 1995)

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by Rubel Shelly
July – December, 1995

Actor Hugh Grant was arrested for having sex with a prostitute in Los Angeles in June of 1995. “I did a bad thing,” he said on The Tonight Show. So he returned to and indicated his desire to continue a relationship with a famous model with whom he has been living (without benefit of marriage) for the past several years.

Why is having sex with a prostitute a bad thing and living with someone to whom you are not married acceptable? Is getting caught the issue? Or is there some objective standard of morality involved? If the latter, what is that standard? And is there such a standard anywhere that approves fornication—so long as it does not involve the immediate exchange of money?

Something is wrong with this picture. Something is very wrong.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan says our culture has worked to “define deviancy down.” Robert Dole points a finger at the entertainment industry for mass-producing “nightmares of depravity” for public consumption. Others of us believe our abandonment of the notion of objective moral standards a quarter-century ago has finally caught up with us.

The violent crive rate in 1992 was nearly five times as high as it was in 1960, and births to unmarried mothers have risen from five percent to 30 percent of all births. The Annie E. Casey Foundation of Baltimore, which focuses on issues affecting disadvantaged children, reported that in 1994 an astonishing 24 percent of children were living in families without fathers present; in 1950 six percent of children were living in mother-only households.

Something is wrong. Something is very, very wrong!

That there are issues such as racism, teen pregnancy, AIDS, gambling, alcohol, drugs, and dozens more.

Oh, by the way. During the last half of the twentieth century, spending on government social programs has soared from seven percent to 14 percent of the gross national product. And standardized test scores have fallen sharply.

Yes, something is wrong. Something is terribly and frighteningly wrong!

Is there anything that can be done? Must we simply cite the grim statistics, feel defeated, and sigh?

God expects his people to model righteousness and to demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit to transform human personality. He calls churches to be islands of holiness in an evil environment. And he expects Christ-like people to show compassion (not smugness) to those who are bound by sin’s power.

In this issue of Wineskins, we raise some important issues, attempt to give some biblical insights and challenge our readers to embrace the lifestyle to which Christ has called his followers.Wineskins Magazine

Rubel Shelly

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