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December 18, 2013

Thanksgiving 2010 (Sept-Dec 2010)

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By Edward Fudge

This Thursday, November 25, 2010, is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. This year, I particularly give thanks to God for his grace and companionship now and forever, and also, here on earth . . .

For a 66th birthday this past Summer,
for good health in so very many aspects
and for God’s continued enablement
despite a few challenges otherwise;

For Sara Faye, devoted wife of 43 years
and mother of Melanie and Jeremy,
for whom, with spouses Michael and Kristy,
I also give thanks, and for grandchildren
Julia, Brynna, Zeke, Addy, and Calley,
who are parented with extraordinary love and skill;

For a godly mother whose merits defy description;
for the freedoms and blessings of our country;
and for God’s children everywhere;

For the privilege of preaching, teaching and writing,
for the friend and brother who sponsors my ministry,
and for the fellowship and encouragement
of you, my gracEmail family around the world!

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