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December 16, 2013

The Message of the Table: A Husband, a Bride and a Garden (Jan 2012)

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By Keith Brenton

When God brought the first Adam[1] into the world, it was obvious that it was not good for him to be alone. So God gave the man Eve, and He gave them a garden in their world, and He gave them everything they needed in it. And to make them fully human, He gave them a choice between the self-minded sin versus love for others and for Him. When true evil came into the garden, He let them be tempted through hunger and doubt and ambition. When they heard God’s voice in the garden and were awakened to evil’s presence, they were forced from the garden together … they worked against hunger and thirst together … and they faced the death of their child together.

When God brought the last Adam[2] into the world, God gave Him very little – a family and friends. Everything He needed to be fully human, including the choice between the selfishness of sin and the selflessness of love. He let Jesus be tempted through hunger and doubt and ambition. And when Jesus’ closest friends dozed off hearing His voice, they were awakened to true evil coming into the garden. When He was forced from the garden, He was led alone … when His last meal with them was gone, He thirsted alone … and at the end, he faced death alone.

But God knew it was not good for Him to be alone, nor for us. So we remember the Christ in this last meal together, and yearn for the day when we will be brought back to life as He was. We anticipate the day we’ll be presented to Him as His bride, beautifully dressed for her Husband.[3] We look forward to the timeless day of a wedding feast that satisfies our hunger and thirst for his righteousness far beyond what these morsels of bread and sips from a cup can whet our hopeful appetites to share with Him.

And in them we remember His body and His blood, given selflessly so that we could be together for all time, by giving us life without end through His Spirit.

A Prayer for the Bread
Father of the Bridegroom, we praise You for Your wisdom in providing all that we needed, from our families and friends to the relationship we deeply and desperately need with You. We thank You for placing us, the lonely, in Your gathered family as Your children, by giving your one and only true Son. Feed our hunger for Him through this bread, His body; feed our doubt through His faith; feed our ambition through His selflessness. Bless this bread and we who share it, recalling Jesus Christ and praying through His intercession. Amen.

A Prayer for the Cup
Father of the Given Son, we give You glory for giving us all that we needed to be human – from the power of choice that speaks of Your faith in us to the blood of your Son which erases the sin we have selfishly chosen. Thank you for this cup which eases our thirst for the righteousness we cannot achieve alone. Bless it and us as we share in the joy of His redemption and praise You through His name. Amen.

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2. 1 Corinthians 15:35-37

3. Revelation 21

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