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December 20, 2013

The Wright Side: Mountain of Praise (Nov-Dec 1997)

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by Jeff Nelson
November – December, 1997

29What a mountain!
There is no other like this one.
This mountain once had a very noble purpose.
This mountain literally was made out of a mole hill.

When the earth was formed, the Creator blew life into this great ball of matter.
The earth understood its purpose: to praise the Creator.
After the ball was made many inhabitants were created.
As each being was given life it began praising the Creator.
Plants groomed themselves with the finest green they could produce.
Trees stood proud and tall and clapped their hands.
The sun rose at its conception so pleased to offer beams of light.
The face of the moon was all smiles.
Cheery stars twinkled in agreement with the Creator that this was good.
Water creatures danced and whirled as they explored their new world.
Birds sang their praises in the sweetest songs.
Livestock breathed fresh air and then replenished the air with a harmony of sound.
Soon there was a concerts of moos, quacks, chirps, and ribbets.
Wild animals raced from one end of the planet to the other in search of the one who had made them all.
Man stood amazed in the presence of the Creator, taking it all in.
The creation was in love with the Creator.
And the Creator was in love with the creation.
All was well and the Creator delighted in the praise from his creation.

Then one day an intruder interrupted the symphony of praise.
The intruder had once been with the Creator but had turned away and began to coax others away.
The intruder seemed out of place in the creation but there was something alluring about his character.
With deceitful charm he could deflect praise intended for the Creator.
He planted seeds of discontent on the earth.
he convinced man that he could find more happiness on his own than with the Creator.
he told man that he could be as wise as the Creator if he would seek praise for himself.
If praise was so rewarding why should the Creator have it all?
Man became jealous of the praise given to the Creator.
Man began to praise himself and liekd the feeling of being in control.
The trees noticed the new attitude and decided to join the challenge.
The animals didn’t want to be left out of the action.
All the created beings turned their focus inward and soon were strutting around drawing attention to themselves.
Animals took each other on in boasting contests.
Plants adorned themselves for personal admiration.
The sun selfishly kept its rays and warmed only itself.
This felt so good … for a while.

But soon anger and fighting broke out as one creature thought another was demanding a little too much praise.
No one wanted to give any praise.
They only wanted to receive.
And teh Creator was completely left out of the picture.
Silence replaced former shouts of praise.
Something had gone terribly wrong.
What was it?
Praise had been choked from the voice of the creation.
And the brightly lit world of perfect harmony became dim and dismal.
Creation became disenchanted with its self-love.
Man walked with stooped shoulders.
The leaves on the plants lost their vibrancy.
The livestock became gaunt and labored just to breathe.
A miserable chill replaced the perfect atmosphere.
The gorgeous rainbow of color had been reduced to dingy brown.
Creation was powerless.

Fellow creatures reminisced about how wonderful their home had once been.
But they dared not hope this miserable state of praising self could be undone.
They assumed they had gone too far and the Creator had forgotten them.
The creation was sad.
The Creator was even sadder.

The earth observed this tragedy and wept at the absence of praise for the Creator.
“How could we forget our purpose?” the earth pondered.
“Has the Creator forgotten us?
“No praise, no power?
“The Creator must be praised!
“I must do something and do it now!”
So the earth mustered all its strength and pushed itself upward toward the sky.
“If I can reach the Creator, he will see my praise.”
The earth moved higher and higher to awaken the Creator’s attention.
The earth tried with allits might, but could not reach the Creator’s domain.
A great chasm exposed the inside of the earth as the jagged edges resembling a sea of hands thrust themselves upward.
A spectacular mountain now replaced the area where once a small hill had existed.
It cried out in desperation, “I cannot reach the Creator. The rest of you must help.
“I beg of you, cattle! Fish, you must praise Him!
“Heavenly lights, renew your glory!
“Everyone, please give praise to the Creator!”

The trees were the first to respond.
“Will the joy return if we return our praise?”
The trees shook themselves and began clapping their hands excitedly.
They stood as all as they possibly could to break the barrier.
Would praise from wooden sticks reach the Creator?
They began shouting to the others.
“Wake up, rocks, before it’s too late!
“Praise the One who created you, caterpillars!
“Give him glory, morning glories!”
Birds offered a warbly rendition, “Praise be to the Creator of all things!”
Other beings rose to the occasion.
There was a great awakening across the earth.
In one chorus they begged their Creator to once again receive the praise of his creation.
“Return your favor upon us, O Great Creator!”
“Save us from ourselves!”
“Redeem us from our evil ways!”
“Strip from us our self-praise and receive what You alone deserve!”
Man wept and repented.
Creation poised, anxiously expecting a response from the Creator.

Gazing upward, all of creation watched as tiny particles began falling from the sky.
The powdery substance was cool to the touch and refreshing to the land.
Millions of flakes fell in waves of white … beautiful shapes, extraordinary designs.
As the particles fell, the ideal atmosphere returned.
Tiny emblems of mercy began to collect on the branches of the trees.
The dry, brown earth was gracefully transformed into a palette of sparkling white.

Great joy and celebration erupted.
The Creator had heard!
Not only had he heard; the Creator himself reentered their existence and inhabited their praise.
He was never far; creation had just ignored him.
They faulted themselves for the separation but he was forgiving.
Their praise was now filled with redemptive gratitude.
Giving him priase was even more joyful than before.
He changed their ugly brown to pure white;
And made a promise that he would always see them covered in this perfect purity.
He did this for his pleasure, because he loved his creation.

This mountain still stands today as a monument to the Creator.
When creation ignored its first love, the earth evoked a great awakening.
A repentance so profound stirred the heart of the Creator. He came in a tangible way to reclaim their praise and offer them an eternity of his peace.
The trees on the mountain stand tall, continuously lift praise to the Creator.
And no matter what time of year, the mountain is always covered in a blanket of pure, white snow.Wineskins Magazine

From Jeff Nelson: These impressions were laid on my heart when Carol and I were sight-seeing in Canada. Not many sights have moved me like the spectacular Mount Rundle in Alberta. Mount Rundle looks like not other mountain I have seen. There is no one peak and the design on the side shows diagonal markings as if it once lay flat. I was told that the geographic explanation for the jagged edges across the top is a natural phenomenon. The temperature of the earth caused a contraction that split the earth and forced this section upward. It was named for Rev. Robert Rundle, a missionary who worked with the natives in the 1840s. I wasn’t aware of this information while I was staring at this profound monument, having one of those “God” moments. maybe this is partially why I felt such a strong spiritual connection to this mountain. God chooses many places and venues to get our attention. He has lessons to teach us in the smallest activities. My advice to you: when you have the slightest sense God wants to preach you a sermon, by all means stop long enough to hear it.


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