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December 21, 2013

The Write Side: Change of Heart (Dec 1992)

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by Sonya Colvert
December, 1992

8Lord, so many times I find myself content with my religion.
It is easy, compact, and all the pieces fit nicely together.
But somewhere in the back of my heart, tucked away tight,
You whisper to me.

Gently you urge me towards a change of heart
and a renewal of spirit.
And I feel your presence
and know the need for change.
But I am bound to my traditions
and comfortable in my ways.
Yet, you speak to me.

You say that change is born
in the heart, and when full
grown, brings new life.
And renewal of life allows change to happen freely.
Lord, I want that
change of heart;
I want to listen only to you.
Take my will away.

Make my heart tender
and receptive to your words.
And give me a
determination to carry out
your will in my life.
Take away the chains that
bind me to my traditions,
And keep my spirit
attuned to your will.

Let me feel new life that is
born of your Spirit.
help me to see your will through open eyes.
May the freedom of Christ
break loose every chain.
Lord, mold me daily
in your image.Wineskins Magazine

Sonya Colvert

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