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February 12, 2014

About Us (Nov-Dec 2001)

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By New Wineskins staff
November-December 2001

new Wineskins magazine is for the spiritual seeker interested in broadening the understanding of contemporary culture and learning as impacted by issues of faith from the Judeo/Christian perspective.The magazine commits to honest dialogue among Christians who have distinguished themselves in secular realms of endeavor as well as theology that affirms the risen Christ, the Living Word.Through its magazine, books, video projects and conferences, The Zoe Group, Inc. will provide a forum for exploring how contemporary learning informs the person of faith and confirms the eternal truths of Jehovah God in every age.Without sectarian bias, new Wineskins magazine and its related endeavors will pursue the promise that the Good News of Jesus Christ requires new wineskins for every age and cultural adaptation.


new Wineskins magazine is published by the Zoe Group, Inc., a not-for-profit ministry of Christian renewal, based in Nashville, Tennessee. Most of our editorial staff and freelance writers have roots in the Restoration movement, including the churches of Christ and Christian Church. We honor that heritage while challenging traditional church assumptions by freshly approaching scripture again and again. We want our readership to know that we are Christians seeking to honor Jesus Christ in our lives. We are Christians only but not the only Christians and gladly add this ministry to the thousands of ministries worldwide that give glory and honor to God.

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