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February 6, 2014

We Want to Dialog With You, Our Readers (Sep-Oct 2001)

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by the Editors
September – October, 2001

In the past Wineskins did not publish letters because they were often either flattery or flak. One of our favorites was, “Cancel my subscription! – Anonymous.” Also, given our previous publications gaps, it was difficult to print letters in a timely way. At new Wineskins, however, we are committed to delivering your magazine on time and including your ideas. So, we want letters from you that constructively expand on the issues raised in the pages of new Wineskins.

We recently surveyed roughly half our readership, and we’re pleased that 25 percent responded.

We believe, judging from the readership survey and our discussions with you over the last nine years, that our readers value a timely magazine that boldly addresses biblical and practical issues in our society through the eyes of women and men, various ethnic groups and churches.

Overwhelmingly as a readership you want us to publish the magazine on time. A reader in Pennsylvania said, “I hardly ever get one!” A subscriber in Tennessee, on the other hand, asks that we add no more magazines to our six times yearly publication, because she can’t keep up with reading the growing pile.

A reader in Mississippi asks us to “write for older people who grew up in very conservative congregations and want to make some changes …” Another says not to change “your willingness to address controversial issues” and “courage to address tough topics facing the church today.” Another eader summed up the desire to be bold like this: “address some of the sacred cows …” Still, we wonder what sacred cows need to be addressed and which ones simply need to be put out to pasture.

We read comments we hadn’t expected. A reader in Texas, for instance, wants new Wineskins to “address prison life” while another reader wants us to “lighten up a bit – rarely is there a ‘humorous’ or ‘light-hearted’ article. After reading a few articles, I tend to be discoraged rather than encouraged.” A reader in Illinois, however, urges us “don’t make it light and fluffy – keep it challenging.” Other comments have been more predictable, such as “inform me about trends” and “help us see Scripture as we should (not by our traditions).”

While some want us to reach beyond the borders of Churches of Christ, others want us to continue to focus on the Churches of Christ. Says one reader, “Don’t change your emphasis on the Church of Christ” yet a reader in Minnesota says to include “more guest authors who can provide views outside the Church of Christ …”

A reader in Ohio wants “more articles for working women …” and another wants articles “about women and their role in the church.” Ladies in churches, this is your cue. You have our address and we’d enjoy hearing from you. That goes for you gentlemen, too.

Write us at or send us a letter to the editor through the fax or post listed here.

P.O. Box 41028
Nashville, TN 3704-1028
615 292 2940 | Fax 615 292 2931New Wineskins

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