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February 7, 2014

Welcome Baby Grayson: Eulogy From the Father (May-Jun 2003)

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by Brent McCall
May – June, 2003

When Grayson was three weeks old, Paige and I received the harsh prognosis that Grayson would most likely not make it out of infancy. Later that afternoon I was lamenting Grayson’s predicament. In prayer I remember questioning God about what Grayson would ever be able to learn. The Holy Spirit responded “He is not here to learn; he is here to teach.”

I had hoped Grayson’s teaching tenure would have lasted longer than 185 days, 9 hours and 45 minutes, but what he taught us in those six months will last for a lifetime.

I wanted to take a couple minutes to share with you four of the lessons that now form his legacy for me: The first lesson Grayson taught me was that there are children born with special needs and then there are children born that God needs.

Within hours of Grayson’s arrival Paige and I heard what would become a familiar sentiment. God gives special children to special parents. Assuming this principle to be true, Grayson was a young man so special that only his heavenly father would do.

The second lesson Grayson’s life taught us is how much this church cares for our family.

You were praying on a constant basis even last summer before we were even aware of the fullness of Grayson’s problems.

Alan, you were the perfect e-mail communicator during those difficult days following Grayson’s birth. I would get a telephone call from Alan and then he would articulate what we had learned in the e-mail to the entire congregation. My mom even joked at one point that she looked forward to getting Alan’s e-mails so that she could better understand what we had learned that day.

And then there was all the food! My wife and I have gained five pounds a piece because of the meals you sent so religiously following Grayson’s arrival. Thanks to every one of you who made homemade bread, made casseroles, kept the kids, or sent flowers.

And who can forget our tremendous going away meal and Grayson’s shower. Your outpouring of love, especially in the form of Target gift cards, was especially helpful in these last few months!

The third lesson Grayson has taught Paige and me is how much God loves his children. As we held our son in our arms minutes before the doctor followed through on our decision to remove Grayson from the ventilator, the conflicting feelings of our dilemma became painfully apparent—love for all of our children dictated we make a choice that I wish no parent would ever have to make.

Our heavenly father experienced such a choice but in far more gruesome circumstances: Grayson was far from perfect….Jesus was. Grayson died the most peaceful death that mankind could deliver…while Jesus’ death was the most painful man could devise.

The love our heavenly father demonstrated at the cross seems paradoxical to a world that does not understand. Paige and I have come closer to experiencing God’s dilemma than we would have ever wanted…only to conclude that God’s love is still too great for us to understand—but wonderfully amazing to experience!

The final lesson that Grayson taught me was that my wife Paige is beyond compare.

Paige, thanks for loving Grayson with every colostomy you changed, every all-nighter spent in the hospital and every doctor’s appointment you hopefully attended. All the while being a first rate-mom to Brayden and Tanner and a supportive wife even when your husband decided we needed to move to Dallas. I love you honey bunny.

Grayson, thank you for what you taught us. You taught us so many more lessons than I have mentioned today. I suspect we will continue to discover your lessons for the remainder of our lives.

On Tuesday I was overwhelmed by the thought that I would never again get to use your welcome-home-from-the-hospital sign. I now realize I was wrong. You really are home now. You are now in a home that is worthy of even greater celebration: a home with no colostomy bags, no oxygen tanks, and no hospital stays.

Baby Grayson, start working on a homecoming sign for us … we will be with you shortly!New Wineskins

Brent McCall

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