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January 23, 2014

Why Another Journal? (May 1992)

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by Mike Cope
May, 1992

A new periodical has been launched every day in the past decade. While many have quickly capsized, others continue to float. The survivors include: Elvis International Forum, Triathlete, Harley Women, Log Home Living, Musclecar Classic, and Contemporary Urology. Wouldn’t you love to see the names of the ones that didn’t make it!

Perhaps you could be excused, then, for asking, “Why another religious journal?”

Our best answer would be that we want to provide a well-amed forum for church renewal among Churches of Christ. And true church renewal means a refocusing on the God who has redeemed us in Jesus Christ. It means a fresh awareness of the power of the Holy Spirit.

To help inch us toward the winds of revival, Wineskins will spotlight seven features each month in addition to the theme articles.

Leonard Allen will edit a column on our religious roots, reminding us of the piercing insights from our distant voices.

Joy McMillon’s column will feature contemporary stories of faith among the people and churches of our fellowship.

Lynn Anderson’s monthly newsletter will help us survive, initiate, and thrive on change.

The column Jeff Nelson edits will challenge us to be a people whose lives are worship-filled.

Rubel Shelly, in addition to co-editing Wineskins, will edit a column that brings contemporary issues before the scrutiny of God’s word.

Reviews of books, movies, and television programs that help us listen to “the marketplace” will be edited by Larry James.

And Thom Lemmons will oversee a special page devoted to creative writing. (We wanted someone whose first name is misspelled to handle the right-brained section!)

Maybe Wineskins will be another journal that comes and goes. Our commitment is for only two years. We believe it will be well-received; but if it isn’t, we’re prepared to offer a eulogy on April 30, 1994, thanking God for what good he might have accomplished through it.

May all the glory of this project go to the God whom we have seen most clearly in Jesus Christ!
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Mike CopeMike is the preaching minister for the Highland Church of Christ in Abilene, Texas. He and his wife Diane have two sons, Matt and Chris; their daughter Megan perished at age nine. Chris survived an automobile accident, with serious injuries, in 2004. Mike has written a number of books, teaches Bible at Abilene Christian University. and is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer. [Mike Cope’s Blog]


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