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February 11, 2014

Women’s Roles: Can Opposite Views Both Honor God? (May-Jun 2002)

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By Greg Taylor
May-June 2002

The role of women in churches is very important. Yet we ought to have more open discussion and study of Scripture on the way women participate in public worship and the life of churches. The problem, however, is that this important part of church life is also one of the most sensitive to discuss.

I believe it is possible for a congregation to search Scripture and their hearts and come down on this issue very differently from another church. Yes, even within a church there are as many views as members. Is it possible, however, to honor God while holding vastly divergent views on how restrictive or permissive we are on the role of women in our churches? I believe we can honor God by taking a fresh look at Scripture and allowing ourselves to hear God’s voice in this matter in our churches. Granted, each church must decide for itself what the role of women will be in that particular congregation, but we ought to open ourselves to resources that can guide us.

While we at NEW Wineskins magazine and make no claim to speak for or try to settle issues such as this for churches, we do believe we can provide a few resources to help you navigate these sometimes stormy seas. The resources we provide are not exhaustive, and you should compare these with other lists that are available. With this site and our print magazine, we want to honor God and allow Scripture to mold us and give us our identity and voice to speak a word of truth in our world today. May God bless you and your church as you open your Bibles and your hearts to this important and sensitive discussion.

Women, Gifts, and the Body of Christ [Listen Now]
In 1999, the Highland Church of Christ in Abilene, Texas delved deeply into a re-examination of what Scripture had to say about women’s roles in the church. The Highland Church had been careful in 1999 to emphasize that this study was a family discussion, not originally meant for directing other churches on this issue. Since then, the series has been requested so much that the elders have agreed to let the tapes be distributed as a way of inspiring other churches to study the issue for themselves and come to their own conclusions. So, with the Highland Church leadership’s permission, we are offering subscribers this four-part audio series by Mike Cope, called “Women, Gifts, and the Body of Christ” as digital audio content. You can click and listen from your computer if you have either Real Audio or similar media player installed.

More resources on women’s roles in church

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