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February 12, 2014

It’s Worth Going to Bat OVer the Pork Platter (Mar-Apr 2002)

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by Greg Taylor
March-April 2002

Some things are worth fighting for. I would fight like a pit bull to protect my wife and children. For the honor God I would go to the mat. The Apostle Paul fought for the honor of God and for fairness to God’s children when he confronted Peter and some strict Jews who wanted Gentiles to be circumcised in order to be real Christians.

Peter had been enjoying the pork platter with Gentiles, but when James and some of the Jews from Jerusalem arrived, he pushed away from the table and pretended not to accept the crude Gentile life as worthy of Christ. So Paul confronted him to his face, then tells the Christians about it in a letter to the Galatian church.

He told them about the incident as a part of a warning to them not to mess with the gospel of Christ. Paul said it’s wrong to try and make yourself righteous by keeping the law, rather than believing that Christ made us righteous through his death on the cross. We are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. For Paul, the gospel is worth fighting for. Do you have anything worth fighting for?

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