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February 12, 2014

Writers’ Guidelines (Nov-Dec 2001)

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NEW WINESKINS Writer Guidelines

NEW WINESKINS’ name comes from Jesus’ parable in Matthew 9:17, which reminds every generation that the saving message of Christ will always be carried in containers appropriate for the times. The magazine was started in 1992 by Phillip Morrison, Rubel Shelly, and Mike Cope.

The magazine has roots in the Churches of Christ and many readers are members of the Churches of Christ and Christian Churches. We are seeking a wider evangelical Christian audience, however, as we include Christian writers of many backgrounds and denominations. We want to connect with Christian churches in all denominations that wrestle with issues of church restoration and renewal.

We are committed, therefore, to searching for bold but responsible action in obeying Christ’s call to take the gospel to the world. This journal is built on a conviction that restoration and renewal are on-going tasks. Our goal is to be one of God’s many tools for those who seek to experience the living Christ (rather than just talk about the Christ who lived). For our readers, we want to help them engage their culture with this living Christ.

Thank you for your interest in writing for NEW WINESKINS. We welcome you to submit articles after first becoming familiar with our magazine content and the guidelines below.

What are we looking for in NEW WINESKINS articles?

  1. Fresh ideas that cut to the heart of Christian renewal and restoration
  2. We prefer new articles that are not reprints.
  3. Articles that respond to the reader’s questions, such as ‘What is this article really about?’ ‘So what? What are the implications in my life, church, culture around me?’ and ‘Now what? How can I apply this in my life, my church, my community?’
  4. Articles that are within the scope of our themes and that are of interest to our readership. You should be familiar with our magazine content when you submit…this is the best way to know what we look for.
  5. Well thought out, researched, and written pieces with compelling beginnings and endings (and middles!)

What do we avoid in NEW WINESKINS articles?

  1. Academic articles with no practical angles
  2. Poetry and fiction, unless commissioned
  3. Articles which are longer than 2,500 words, unsolicited, or outside the scope of our magazine themes of restoration and church renewal
  4. General articles full of opinion in place of solid research, experience, and practical angles

Your writing and your rights

We offer you close editorial support and suggestions for your article if accepted.

  1. We will edit your article for length, content, grammar and magazine style, then send you a design proof before going to press. This, however, transfers some burden of responsibility to you, the author, for the final approval of your manuscript before going to press.
  2. Any agreed upon honorarium will be paid after publication. We do not currently pay honoraria for web articles. Print article honoraria will be discussed with individual writers.
  3. With this payment to you, we are buying the first-time North American Serial Rights (NASR). We buy and retain the rights to the article for six months from the time it is published. The full rights then revert back to you, the author. You are free at that time to re-publish it, but you may not publish the same manuscript in another publication during this six-month period.
  4. Along with your payment, we will send you two sample copies of the issue of NEW WINESKINS in which your article appears, and a letter confirming payment and your right

What are the steps to submitting an article for NEW WINESKINS?

  1. Write us for a sample issue and include $5 for postage and magazine cost. Alternatively, you can get a subscription for $29.95 and become familiar with content and our magazine style in several issues before submitting a query.
  2. Write a query letter. A query letter is a proposal that describes your article idea, main theme, points, and applications. You may submit your query by email, fax, or regular post. Please do not call with queries. A good query is brief, shows your writing ability by writing two or three solid paragraphs that tell the essence of the article, theme, main points.
  3. A good query also includes information about the writer and articles you’ve published, if any. It also tells why you are uniquely qualified to write this particular article. A good query also tells us if you have submitted or plan to submit the article to another publication. Give approximate number of words you expect your article to be. Don’t submit the whole article until accepted. Allow 1-2 months for us to respond to your query.
  4. If you send a query or manuscript by mail, please include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE). If you do not include an SASE, we will not be able to mail your query or manuscript back to you.
  5. If we accept your query, we will give you a deadline for your article and contact you with questions and suggestions about your manuscript. For first time writers, we will only accept your manuscript ON SPEC, which means that you can submit an article but we still have the option of accepting it or rejecting it upon inspection of the full manuscript.
  6. You may send us your manuscript in one of the following ways:
  • Text of an email
  • MS Word Attachment to an email
  • Mailed hard copy, double spaced, one inch margins on all sides
  • Art work can be sent to accompany manuscripts and either sent by mail or scanned jpeg file at least 300 dpi

After accepting the manuscript, we may send the manuscript back to you with suggestions for revision and a deadline for those revisions. Near the magazine deadline we will send you a design proof for your final approval, which gives you the chance to make final corrections and catch errors in the text, headlines, biographical information, and design related to your article.


<co_name>List of books to review
<co_date>2001-10-17 14:02:00.0
<co_summary>Write a book review for new Wineskins online. Click here to see a list of books you might review. Read submission guidelines then select a book and request the book by writing

Leaving Ruin
by Jeff Berryman

Participating in God’s Life: Two Crossroads for Churches of Christ
by C. Leonard Allen and Danny Gray Swick

More Than We Could Ask: Reaching Upward to God and Outward to Others
by Jim Clark

Breaking the Mold
by Robert H. Rowland

The Second Incarnation: a theology for the 21st-century church
by Rubel Shelly and Randall J. Harris

The Message:The Bible in Contemporary Language (Pentateuch)
by Eugene H. Peterson

The Journey:Our Quest for Faith and Meaning
by Os Guinness

Men & Women
by Toben and Joanne Heim

by Toben and Joanne Heim

Radical Restoration: A Call for Pure and Simple Christianity
by F. Lagard Smith

Russian Evangelical Awakenings: The Other Revolution
By Geoff Ellis and Wesley Jones

The Real Russians
By L. Wesley Jones

The Pornography Trap: Setting Pastors and Laypersons Free from Sexual Addiction
By Ralph H. Earle Jr. and Mark R. Laaser


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