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Wineskins Issues 2022

93 – All Things New (Vol 24, No 1 – January 2022)

January Theme – All Things New By Matt Dabbs
Six Things I Pray for Churches of Christ in 2022 By Bobby Valentine
If Anyone Is In Christ They are New Creation: 2 Corinthians 5:17 in Context By Matt Dabbs
My Two Biggest Surprises in 2021 in Christian Media By Kent Blake
What the Beatles Teach Us About Leadership By Bob Turner
My Book Recommendations for 2021: Superlatives in Christian Media By Kent Blake
Poetry Column for January 2022 By Latayne Scott
Seeking more Sensory Services: Abandoning the Auditorium for the Sanctuary By Craig Cottongim
Me: What’s the Point? Why Am I Here? Isaiah the Prophet: Here’s 3 Reasons You Exist By Duncan Campbell
The One True Church (Doesn’t Guilt or Hurt Others) By Paula Harrington
The Parable of New Wineskins By Matt Dabbs

194 – Genesis (Vol 24, No 2 – February 2022)

February Theme – Genesis By Matt Dabbs
Leaving Nashville, Rebuilding Detroit By Bob Turner
The Tree of Life: A Reflective Perspective By Al Maxey
A Gift or a Bargain? By Jim Woodell
“Must Have” Resources on Genesis By Matt Dabbs
Empowering Leaders for Vibrant Churches By Grady King
Super Bowl Sunday By Paula Harrington
February 2022 Poetry Column By Latayne Scott
Genesis, Jesus and New Creation-God Brings the Cosmos Full Circle By Matt Dabbs
ACU Summit 2022: Seeking Hope, Finding Joy By David Kneip
In the Beginning: God’s Original Plan for Marriage By Gary Burge
It’s Not What You’ve Always Thought: Reconsidering 1 Cor 14:34 By Gary Burge
The Slimmest of Evidence By Gary Burge
Why Genesis Should Matter to Christians By Matt Dabbs

195 – Moving to the Margins (Vol 24, No 3 – March 2022)

March theme – Moving to the Margins By Matt Dabbs
A Fullness of Joy By Jennifer Schroeder
When a Minister Leaves: Maximizing the Interim Season By Doug Peters
The Illusion of Perfection in the Restoration Movement By Matt Dabbs
Rehearsal for the Big Performance By Latayne Scott
A Church of The Margins Rather than a Church to the Margins By Matt Dabbs
Making a Statement? By Bob Turner
Affluence as a Barrier to the Gospel By Matt Dabbs

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